Latest 2014 27" imac can you upgrade the..?

Discussion in 'iMac' started by callawayno1, Jun 20, 2014.

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    Dec 15, 2013
    Can you upgrade the memory your self on it or is it not changeable , and can you switch the hard drive your self , its on a 27" imac latest 2014 modell?
  2. OllyW, Jun 20, 2014
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    You can easily upgrade the memory.

    Upgrading the hard drive is possible but it's not easy as it requires removing the glued in screen to get access.

    iFixit instructions
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    Both parts are changeable, but only the RAM is officially user-replaceable.

    The internal hard drive isn't. It's hell to take apart the display just to get to the hard drive.
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    If you're asking about the low cost iMac introduced a couple if days back, then no, its memory is soldered in... There was no other iMac introduced in 2014 so far. I remember an article about it, but dont have the link with me right now.

    Edit: just read your original question again... Looks like you are asking about the 27 inch iMac, but the latest was introduced late 2013, not 2014. As others have mentioned, the memory in the latest 27 iMacs are user upgradable.
  5. Thrifty1 macrumors regular

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    The memory is VERY easy to upgrade. Push a button in on the back near the power plug and a little access panel opens. There are 4 slots behind the panel (2 filled with the stock Apple memory and 2 empty). You put the paired memory in slots 1&3 and 2&4... so if your original memory is in 1&3, put the new memory in 2&4. I always get memory from Crucial and have NEVER had any problems. Much lower cost then getting the memory from Apple.

    I agree with the responses that the hard drive is not easily replaceable. Do a web search for iMac 2013 27" hard drive replacement and look for a guide from iFixit. I have replaced the hard drive and optical drive in a 2009 iMac with SSD drives but those were pretty easy. The glass comes off those very easily as it is held on by magnets. On the newer iMacs, the glass/display uses an adhesive to hold it in place. You have to carefully break this adhesive bond and gently pry up the display. Not something I would want to try. The glass is also thinner and could break during this process.

    Bottom line... get the stock memory and easily upgrade it yourself. Get the largest hard drive you think you will need from Apple. I just got a new high end 27" iMac last week and got the 3TB Fusion drive. Oh, and get Apple Care. I never did in the past but just had a 14-month old iMac fail (logic board and hard drive). It would have cost over $1,000 to fix.

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