Latest iMac GPUs vs. Mac Pro versions

Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by MacVidCards, Nov 10, 2014.

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    Anyone notice this?

    I still think it's criminal that they name the "mobil" versions of GPUs the same as a desktop card that they are VASTLY inferior too.

    Anyhow, the GTX780 did quite well.

    The R9 290X did well in OpenCl.

    We have some early work done on R9 290X, I will only mention that we can enable PCIE 2.0. (Have offered to upgrade Rob's with that for future testing)

    Have another R9 290X surprise coming, but it isn't my baby so I'll remain quiet for now.

    Not bad considering that the Pros are on older tech. Amazing how useful being able to stuff newer bits in can be.
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    LuxMark OpenCL seems promising/encouraging for us FCPX users in the 780M -> M295X, however I couldn't really care less at this point with my R9 280X flashed by none other than MVC.
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    Nov 11, 2014
    I saw this, and was entirely unsurprised. I owned a 2006 24" iMac when that was the largest, and was continually irritated with how underwhelming the graphics power was. The BTO option 7600GT 256MB card finally went belly up in 2010, and Apple wanted $350 (IIRC, but pretty close to that) to out of warranty replace what was then a 4 year old PC card where the same thing for a PC was $100 on Newegg.

    After wandering in the desert of hackintoshes I returned to the promised land with an old MacPro 2,1 and if it weren't for trouble getting 10.10 on it I'd be giddy with it.

    Strongly considered the new riMac with the 295x, but the mobile speed hit was just too much to stomach, and the Mac Pro with D500s or D700s are just too damn expensive comparatively (though likely worth the price, just not suitable for my uses). Ah well, I ponder and wait. And putter and tinker to try and get 10.10 and dual boot working more reliably.
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    Latest iMac GPUs vs. Mac Pro versions

    Having graphics from the PC angle from Voodoo 2 days (96) as well as the Mac nothing has changed just from when they went Intel. It's seriously old news, they have been doing it for at least 15 years. We have had these two main players playing these silly name games and the only difference is that Intel with the iris pro we finally have a GPU they make that is pretty good. It's took them that long along with the list of horrors they had the cheek to call mobile graphics to even imply they were any good, more like a joke compared to the other players.

    In fact I think of the m in their part number mini, or micro even in a lot of cases.

    Reading the full spec of the chips does tell the truth anyway. But only one is required. A 125w M295x part cannot defy the laws of physics for have parity to its 250 watt Desktop R9 290x part, and a simple bit of maths will tell you the iMac GPU is probably about or just over half the performance!

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