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Zeke D

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Nov 18, 2011
I received from a computer shop a "dead" iMac G5 20" and another "dead" board.

Today I received my iMac/eMac/iBook vga adapter, so I decided to have some fun:

I was using the HDD out of my PM G5.
The shop owner attempted to resolder several surface mount resistors, and fried the thing. It will run for about 4 minutes before kernel panic.

I found an IDE to SATA adapter and rewired an ATX-20 to ATX-24 adapter to power the iMac. I repurposed the HDD from my Sawtooth:

For some reason, it will only work with a single DDR PC-3500 512MB DIMM in it:

Finally, the video does this periodically:

Comments and LOLs welcome.


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Jun 5, 2010
Dubai, UAE
sad to see mate. but then the single 1.8/1.6ghz G5 is pretty useless mate.. I like the form factor, just not the performance. I sold my 1.8ghz imac G5 about a year ago for a 2.0ghz Intel imac and kept change to boot. LOL.

anyways, good luck with it mate, but looks like either the Vid ram is over heating or you may be able to re-apply some thermal paste and see how you go. Good luck.
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