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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Lithiumdiver, Sep 15, 2015.

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    Hi all!

    It's been a very long time since I have braved the crowds and the brisk evening/morning air to be one of the first to hold a new iPhone. In general, I wait for the hype to die and the lines to dwindle before reaching my hand into the proverbial cookie jar.
    This year, however, it seems I will be trying to be at the front of the battle. Or at least as close as I can! Though it wouldn't be a pressing matter to upgrade to an 'S' model by MY standards, my wife insists that the rose gold option is not rose gold and has declared it pink...ish.
    To make a colorful story simple, I will be hunting for two iPhone 6s plus', one in 'pink' (rose gold) and one for my self in either gold or white depending on which is easier to get a hold of. I'm not much for color choice considering the fact that 99.9% of the time, my phone will be in its case. Simple, but truthful.

    So now that I've talked your ear off what do you say we get to the point, eh?
    As I haven't been a part of the mass hysteria in some time, I'm at a loss for what time to show up. I won't be braving the apple retail lines. No, this time I am upgrading through AT&T. Put simply, what time should I show up to ensure the widest selection of iPhones available for my purchasing pleasure? The rose gold no doubt will be the needle here...and seeing as t weighs heavily in the 'would make my wife very happy..' Category, I'm totally willing to take the time I need and show up however early I'll need to to ensure the best chance of securing one.
    I really could use the guidance here, and macrumors has always had a following of loyal readers, like myself, that have always been willing to help a guy out.
    Much appreciation ahead of time.

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    ET iPhone Home

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    Why all of a sudden the need to stand in line for it?
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    The one time waiting at an AT&T store I think I got there at 6am or so and had bout 12 people in front of me. I would figure on getting there at 5am or so.
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    Jun 12, 2010
    Last year I preorder the phone at a few places but camped out over night at att store. 6PM the night before to be exact,I was the 5th in line. We were told they had more than plenty of the 6 Models but the 6 Plus was in short demand,Turned out they only had 8 most of which were 16GB. Yea it sucked. My biggest tip would ask the store and see if they can tell you if they have the certain model in stock. You may also want to check the policys of lining up over night as well. The local mall where the corporate att store is located (Outside of mall but on mall property) has signs on the doors,apple store,and the att store stating there is not to be allowed of any outside lines until 6AM on launch day.
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    I've only waited at AT&T once (in 2009, for the 3GS), and I got there at maybe 6 or so. There were 5-6 people in front of me, from what I can recall.
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    If you want any chance of getting Rose Gold you're going to want to go to an Apple retail store. It's a known trend that Apple always reserves the stock for high demand/low supply releases and carrier stores are lucky to get one or two if that. The Plus last year was a good indicator of this.
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    Aug 22, 2011
    Thanks for all the replies. I really do appreciate it!
    It's sounding like 3am at the Apple Store. That may be my best chance of getting her phone for her.
    As an AT&T Next customer, I think I may HAVE to go to the AT&T store, now that I'm thinking about it. Otherwise, how would I trade my 6 in? A valuable piece of information that I definitely should have included in my original post, but hey.
    So any other suggestions? I know everyone wants what they want, but I truly do want to do this to make her happy. This year it isn't about my selfish lust for the newest technology. Although, I am getting one… LOL i'm just hoping there's a way. Like I said, I'm willing to go to lengths.

    Hope everyone's day is going well.


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