LazyTown Released its First Free App for Ipod named Booclips

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    Apr 30, 2011

    iTunes Link: LazyTown BooClips for iPad on the iTunes App Store


    This is the app you need if you have an iPad and you feel like it's time to stop letting your kids only play games - make them read!

    The LazyTown BooClip app is a digital children's book that narrates stories using rich multimedia, vivid animations, video clips, music and songs from the LazyTown TV series!

    Among the fantastic features that the LazyTown BooClip app offers you may find word-for-word story narration, voiceover recording, a dynamic page flip, magnifying glass, bookmark, sign language translation, 3D, and much more!

    LazyTown is a children's entertainment brand dedicated to promoting health and wellbeing in a fun way. LazyTown show has been seen by more than 500 million children and aired in over 100 countries throughout the world!

    Innovative Features:

    *Unique and user-friendly interface that allows young readers to be in control of the reading process (designed particularly for children!)

    *The development of the application was supervised by professional psychologists, consultants, linguistics and teachers

    *Perfect balance of fun and education: children's reading skills improvement and enlargement of their vocabulary, imagination stimulation and encouraging their self-reliance in an extremely entertaining way!

    Don't miss a chance to have The LazyTown BooClip on your iPad! Read, watch, listen and have fun!
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    Advertise much?

    Seriously tho, will have a look at this for my little one, she loves LT.

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