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Aug 24, 2003
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Hey. I went and bought myself a Mac Pro. I hope it arrives soonish. Still I have no screen so I will just have to stare at it.

Right now I use a 1.25 15inch Powerbook. Its 3years but just got a new screen for free as Apple extended the warrenty to replace and the white smudges on it. One reason why I dont really truest Apple screens.

So I use PS everyday and will be using FCP. I play now and again but I dont really care if the response time isnt amazing as its just not what I want the display for.

I want a LCD thats great for Photography.

The Eizo range look amazing but there crazy expensive.

Does anyone have any suggestions on which brands and models are notted as being good for Photography?

Please let me know.

Also can I use a screen that will spin to portrait with a mac? Its really usefull and I used to be able to do this on my PC.

Thanks, andy.


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Jun 30, 2003
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I spoke with someone at BH Photo about this last week (I was there to buy a color calibrator [Spyder 2]) He said that unless you want something pro, the lower line stuff is all rather similar. Lacie and EIZO are the only ways to go if you want some really good photo stuff.

Search on Apples site about the 23" there are some definite quality issues. I have 2 20" ACDs, they are pretty good, but definitely not professional like EIZO.

Getting a good color calibrator helps keep things consistent. Its worth the 150-200.


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Aug 24, 2003
Jacob's house

Ok.. The General - thats rubbish advice Apple displays arent really that good.

Rich P.. Yeah I think Lacie is probably the way to go. Eizo are way to much for me. I would like one but then i would like lots of things I cannot afford.

I was in a store today and I was comparing the Lacie 321 with the 20inch Apple screen. The Lacie is far nicer but then it costs more thne twice the price. Colours looked so much richer with far more detial. I would say that the screen is also a lot sharper for text.

I also like the non-widescreen style as widescreen is just no good for working with portrait images. The Lacie screen can stilt to suite this mode but I have no idea if this is supported on a mac??

Have you heard anything of the NEC Spectrview models. They also seem to pitched at graphics workers. Let me know if you have had any experience with these models.



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Jul 21, 2006
Hi Andy. After a lot of research, I got in contact with a serious reviewer from a specialized photography magazine, and here's what he had to say:

"My experience with both the Samsung and the Eizo, as well as just recently with a LaCie 320 has been to find they produce a more desirable screen quality and the advantage of a full range of adjustments to fit them to every environment and use, and therefor I would chose any one of them over the Apple Cinema display. In fact I recently purchased an LG Electronics L2000C 20.1 inch display that equals the Apple displays in performance quality, was less costly and provides a full range of adjustment controls."

He was talking about the Samsung 244T(around $1000) and the Eizo CE210W (around $1200), both widescreens. I think the LG is what you are looking for, and it is not widescreen but may be used in either portrait or landscape configuration (height, tilt, swivel and rotation adjustments).

I also asked him if the Samsung 214T was everything the 244T is, just smaller, and what would I be loosing by choosing the 214T over the 244T. He said:
"From all I could tell from all the documentation and talking with the Samsung representative the performance factors of the Syncmaster 214T should be the same as the 244T in a size that has 3 inches chopped off the sides - its not as wide as the 244T but just as tall."

So you should check out the Samsung 214T also, it seems a very good option.