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Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by 18thTomorrow, May 3, 2006.

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    So Um...
    I have a 50 gallon fish tank right next to my desk. Today I was feeding the fish (6" long african cichlids--these aren't your normal desktop tropical fish) and they sent veritable tidal waves of water over the edge of the tank, onto my iBook sitting on the desk. What little boogers.

    Luckily, the 'Book is mostly fine, except for a strange spot at the bottom of the LCD screen where water may have gotten into the casing or something...

    It's a 1.5" tall by .5" wide streak of pixels near the bottom middle, which still function, but they're brighter than the rest of the screen. So it's not devastating...
    just kind of irksome.

    Has anyone had this happen, will it go away, is there something I can try to make it go away, is there water in there which i need to get out somehow?
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    LCD units themselves are supposed to be sealed, but some could have seeped in through the edge of the LCD. I recommend just using a lint free dry cloth to gently wipe/rup the LCD and try to push the moisture you see out toward the edges of the display Over time, it may dry up. A screenshot may help in this situation.
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    I screenshot won't do any good, but a photograph might.


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    14.1" Laptop Lcd Screen Has Water

    I was cleaning my laptop lcd screen last night
    and isued a bit to much water and today i found out
    on the bottom of my screen there a lines and a portion
    of the bottom screen is white have a look at the pictures
    could anyone help me resolve this probelm please?
    I think it is water trapped inside the lcd.

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