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Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by rodp, Jan 4, 2008.

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    Jan 4, 2008
    In May of 2005, I purchased two Power Mac G5 towers. As of today, both of them are inoperable due to a leaking radiator. In each case, the leaking radiator has damaged the logic board and processors - an Apple Store repair estimate is around $2 000.00 per. Both computers are out of warranty.

    A search of the web shows that Apple knows about this problem - a leaking radiator issue. I decided that I might as well see about replacing the two computers - but, of course, they use different memory - so all of the money I spent upgrading the memory on the two dead G5's is gone.

    I called Apple Care - after a lot of time trying to speak to a human being at the local Apple Store. I described the issue - and the 'product specialist' told me that there is nothing Apple can do. I asked about who I might speak to about the fact that both computers - two and a half years old - are now dead due to a known manufacturer component failure. He said there was nothing Apple could do. I asked who I might speak to or write to at Apple. He told me that he is the highest I can go at Apple in speaking about an issue like this. Does anyone know who I can write to, email or phone at Apple who might be more customer focused?
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    Sorry to tell you, but if the machine is out of warranty then there is nothing you can do outside of begging Apple for a free repair. I know how you feel, my G5s power supply went kaput a few months ago, but I was lucky enough to have gotten AppleCare and they took care of the repair for me. My tower is still only two years old however.

    Not that I don't see where you are coming from, but sometimes we as consumers have to understand that there are somethings we can't get away with for free, and that we have to follow the rules.
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    It sucks that you propably live in the states,in the land of consumerism but not consumer?
    What are your local lemon laws?
    That leakage problem is very widely known and reported. It could be considered as design fault.

    On this side of the pond (viva le socialisme!) have quite stringet consumer protection laws.
    We have here the normal 1year warranty that manufacturers give but the manufacturer is responsible for faults for the expected lifespan of the product.
    I.A. Televisions,fridges and computers (even cars! I have experience of that..) usually get covered for 3-5 years.
    In a case of fault the repair goes to manufacturers expense totally or in some cases the manufacturer covers materials and customer the work for the repairs.
    I know 2 broken units that have been replaced by Macpros here.

    Just contact your local customer protection agency(?) and talk about the issue. Then get a statement from them and contact apple again and threaten with a proper action if your concerns arent taken seriously.


    Good luck..

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