Leapord in 4 monthes?!?

Discussion in 'macOS' started by bit density, Jan 14, 2007.

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    As everyone knows, Macworld was almost an entire bust for things that are Mac. It is after all called MAC world. Not apple world, or telephone world, or consumer products world. But MAC world.

    It has also been historically about... And it is for sale "right now". The websites come up, and us folks go about expending our plastic.

    Now we have a Macworld, about 2 new products, decidedly un-maclike, and unavailable. No Ilife, Iworks, OS, or new Macs. What is going on?

    Here is the guess...

    Iphone was going to take up a lot of band width, but it could have easily been talked about 3 months from now. And lack of software and hardware upgrades also point to not taking up too much bandwidth. And the year 2007 etc...

    If Leapord was close, we would have been talking about it now. If it was a long way away we would be given speed bumbs and new features in other apps. I think the obvious answer is: It is late, but it is close.

    The apps have significant Leapord only features. Enough to generate upgrades by themselves. It is close, or we would have seen speed bumps and upgrades, but we don't want to go through all the hassle of massive returns because leaportd is out soon.

    So, due to the implications, of nearly everything. The overriding thing that makes the most sense.

    Leapord Announced and Shipping in April 2007 (with 10.5.1 in May/June, and 10.5.2 in late July/August). Along with the next versions of Ilife and Iwork (which I am guessing will lose thier date versions for at least this round), and general system refresh (light update of macbook). This will happen also reasonably close to CS3 which will scream under the new system (and may be part of the lateness).

    Macbook will see a serious upgrade in the June timeframe, with IPOD deal with macbook buys in the fall. And IPOD upgrade in October. My hopes is that a number of Iphone features will make it to the IPod at that time. Which will create a new price point for the Ipod.

    A few new Mac features...
    We finally get Iscribe. I really don't understand why it has taken the Mac so long to get this feature. It seems obvious to me.

    Second feature for the Laptops, they will get the Shuffle Phone Jack Data Port. This will allow the Shuffle to plug into the MacBook without the dock.
    (I would expect a headphone upgrade that contained a two mail component that contained the part, or a clever way to store it in/on/near the ipod.

    A new ColorSync App. It allows you to take a digital picture of your monitor screen and print output. It will create matching profiles for you on the fly. Providing much better color management for the standard user. (It will attempt to be as close to sRGB or aRGB as possible).
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    any prognostications on when the desktop line gets revamped?
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    As purely an educated observational guess. And by desktop, I am guessing you mean the Mac Pros. At anytime. I don't think they start selling in significant qty's until CS3 ships. And at that point I think they will sell a boatload of them.

    The Mac Pro's tend to be most affected by the annual budget cycle. But there is enough pent up demand that they will sell a bunch with CS3's Universal release. There is more demand being created by Adobe than will be created by Apple. I don't think that they will let them get seriously out of date, but I would expect more normal cycles beginning with MacWorld 2008.

    I dont think there will be much hold up waiting for new features (8 core?!?). People are going to buy them as soon as the Adobe Apps are available.
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