Learn Russian Numbers ~ Now Up To 1,000,000

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    Feb 2, 2010
    Announcing version 2.80 of our Russian Numbers app, now available for the iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad;
    with this version we've gone from a ceiling of 1000 to 1,000,000.

    Ready to get *much* better at recognizing Russian numbers when spoken or written?

    Learn your numbers anywhere you want, with one of several games.

    ☆ Listen to the spoken number and type in the digit. If you're stuck, just press the 'skip' button.

    ☆ Read the number word, and type in the digit. If you're stuck, just press the 'skip' button.

    ☆ Have the app speak whatever number you want.

    ☆ Keep track of your score; play with your friends to see who can get the highest
    number of correct answers in a row.

    ☆ Covers the numbers from 0 to 1,000,000 (yes, one million) but you can set whatever range you want to practice.

    ☆ Guided mode, where the app is your teacher, carefully choosing the numbers when you're ready for them.

    ☆ For more advanced students, go totally random.

    ☆ Displays subtle indicator as to how well you know a particular number.

    Play as long as you want - this teacher has infinite patience.

    Highly suitable for long or even short subway rides.

    Come see our site which includes a tutorial video: http://www.learnrussiannumbers.com.

    See our Facebook page for discussions, including our responses to some reviews: http://support.learnrussiannumbers.com.

    Still not sure? Try our Free Version which is the same as this one, but with a range of 0 to 42.

    Paid Version: http://www.learnrussiannumbers.com/download/paid

    Free Version: http://www.learnrussiannumbers.com/download/free

    I've added 10 promo codes to the Promo Forum.


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    I really wanted to learn how to say 1,000,022 in Russian, but I guess your app can't handle that :(:(:(

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