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Discussion in 'Mac Programming' started by Tech198, Jan 22, 2016.

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    Thinking of brushing up on my skills of best ways to learn automator... That way i won't have to steal snippets of code from u guys or various websites :D *j/k*

    I thought initially of going through the defaults already and see what i have to work with, then maybe mix & match, then go from there.

    However, my knowledge of wanting to use automator overwhelms my skills to learn quickly.

    I have heaps of correctly file names of aac files, i wonder weather automator or scripting could achieve the following.

    Ideally, what i'm after is the file names themselves are all correct, just meta-data of some fields not...

    I would want to have automator look at the file names, know how many tracks there are (because each file belongs to an album and thus has x number of tracks, automator would read this info, open the file, adjust the meta-tag start and ending i.e track 1 of 20 would be in meta tags if file name is 01, and the folder only contains two files associated with the singe/album), then move onto the next file until complete...

    Would this sort of thing be possible in script ? or would the actual file name need to have both 01-20, 02-20 etc?

    I can tag manually manually, but just would take a long time that's all.... so i thought scripting would help out here if its possible.

    In addition, if this would help me learn, them i'm already on my way.

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