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Dec 15, 2014

So lately I've left high school and I'll enter university next year. However, I have a long vacation. I want to learn programming in Swift. I do have experience in programming in some languages since Computer Science was part of my curriculum. Do you guys have any recommendations where to start, or where I can follow a good course?



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May 12, 2008
IMO there are many facets to iOS programming. If you just wanted to learn about Swift, Apple's book is a great start:

If you wanted to build out a whole app, you're gonna need to learn Xcode, and Storyboards / IBOutlets / nibs / Tableviews / etc. Do you have an idea on an app you want to build? If so, finding tutorials on youtube or stack overflow can help you build that out bit by bit.
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Jun 15, 2007
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I would also recommend you check out apples other books called “Intro to app development with swift” and “app development with swift”. Both are free and found on the Apple books store.

You can also check out swift playgrounds on iPad. If you want some more project based learning, check out hackingwithswift website, they have something like 30 free tutorial projects that you can follow and learn from.


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Jan 18, 2016
Watch the Stanford University "Developing iOS 11 Apps with Swift" videos from Paul Hegarty on iTunesU. I suggest downloading them all first since sometimes they get removed for a while.

Try to follow along by reproducing everything he demonstrates as he does it (pause the video if you have to). This is a college course so it assumes you already have some programming knowledge but not necessarily a ton of it.
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