Least expensive route to get Photoshop and Illustrator CS5

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    I am no longer a student nor am I a teacher. I have a version of CS3 that was installed on a used macbook I purchased back in my school days. I would like to buy a legitimate copy of CS5. I use PS to death and illustrator a little bit so I need both. There are so many packages and versions out there. Anyone have any insight or tips etc. I guess I would consider purchasing a legit copy of CS3 if possible as I don't know what I am missing at this point. My two key worries are price and legality. I need to be able to install on a new machine. If other software is on the package thats ok too.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Most of those tips usually involve getting PS from rather questionable sources. Even trying to get it from ebay, the odds are high that those copies are counterfeit

    There's a sticky and threads over at the adobe forums warning people to avoid ebay because of this.

    If you still have your student id, then you can buy it, if not, then have a buddy who's still in school pick up a copy. Otherwise your options are limited.

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