Leather Case For Apple iPhone 7 : Flip wallet Case and Snap On Wallet

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    May 2, 2016
    Today we’re going to do a review of a couple of cases for the iPhone 7 by a company called iPulse.

    Review 1 . Flip Wallet Case for iPhone 7


    The Flip Wallet cases for the iPhone 7 are quite nice looking .They are full grain leather cases that definitely add a bit of class to iPhone 7 ( you can choose congnac or black). We’re definitely sold on the iPhone version of the case .

    In terms of design,It is fairly low profile leather cases , which is a little bit vintage look and book style (remind me of twelve south bookbook)

    The leather is so nice , you can feel the texure of nature leather , and also the smell of the leather .

    Unlike other leather accessories that we’ve seen, the stitching is pretty solid and the entire case seems very well built.

    The case wears as well as any leather case does as the initial period will showcases scratches a little bit easily but should wear better over time, because they are full graian leather .

    The Tpu HOLDER FOR YOUR PHONE is a plus to me . The tpu is flexible yet durable ,so it will let you easily install and un-install your phone , also unlike the plastic holder , you will have no worries about the cracks on the holders . There is also another advantage , the tpu holder actually provide reliabe protection for drops dings and shocks .

    In terms of functionality, i personally take this as a wallet . The most you’ll get out of the pocket is 3 cards or several business cards plus a few cash. Also the kickstand frees my hand while i am doing facetime or watching youtube .


    we liked the iPhone case . Considerate a 30 dollars for a handmade full grian leather case which will provide more protection than other , it is a good investment for your iphone 7 , if you like the flip style .

    The link is

    Cognac CASE : https://www.ipulsecases.com/products/iphone-7-genuine-leather-folio-wallet-case

    Black Case https://www.ipulsecases.com/product...er-handmade-flip-wallet-case-for-iphone-black

    I will add photos when i receive my phone from att
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    Review 2 Slim Snap On Case with Pockets for iPhone 7


    This case is sophistication at its finest. Made in 2 different colors(1 BLACK AND 1 BROWN) of hand-wrapped premium leather, Vegetable Tanned Leather.

    This Pulse Wallet is a basic snap-on case with credit cards slots. You can store your id ,credit card and a few cash.

    The interior is covered in a soft micro suede lining,so it will protect your phone from scratches . The back is a hard Polycarbonate Plastic paved with great leather .For the Leather You can see, feel, and smell the leathers genuineness, also it will provide rugged protection for the back of your phone .The side and the corner is soft touch TPU , which will absorb shock ,save your phone from occasional bumps ,drops and dings.Unlike the other cases , this case will cover the whole sides . To me , it can be the best proctive case in the same style .

    The buttons and the port are lined very well , easy to access all the functions . And the button is sensitive , you can feel the tactic.

    The downfall is that it’s light on screen protection. The case falls flush with iPhone’s face. All the corners are protected, but we wouldn’t recommend placing iPhone face down. The back is well protected from drops, but the front is not. I , personally ,highly recommended a tempered glass screen protector . With that , your phone is totally under protection , FInGERS CROSSED

    Generally cases at a Pricing in at $24.98, It is a bit more expensive than some cases ,but compared with Apple Case , i think it worths .

    The Good:
    1.Authentic leather–looks great, feels great, smells great,
    2.Classic color options,
    3.Wallet Function
    4.Easy access to ports and buttons, Not too heavy
    5.Slim yet super rugged

    The Bad: Not enough screen protection

    Link : for black https://www.ipulsecases.com/products/iphone-7-genuien-leather-snap-on-wallet-case-black

    for brown https://www.ipulsecases.com/collect...e-7-genuien-leather-snap-on-wallet-case-brown
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    Mar 30, 2004
    Thanks! My wife is upgrading from 6S Plus and wants a wallet folio style case this time around. Most folio cases do not cover the entire phone. Flip Wallet is one of few that covers all 4 sides.

    Maxboost, Otterbox Strada, and Tech21 Evo Wallet are few of the other alternatives.

    Is iPulse a well known brand that supports the customers well?
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    Mar 18, 2012
    I've had the Tech21 Evo Wallet for my 6, 6S Plus and have now ordered one for the 7 Plus.

    It's where my phone lives during the working week, then goes into a Spigen Liquid Crystal at weekends.
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    May 2, 2016
    Dude , the "Thank You " Letter came with the package said 1 year worry - free warranty .

    you can contact them for their warranty .
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    Uh , did you really read my review ? this is a full grain leather (always used in the famous brand)
    i am sure the cases you mentioned are pretty nice , but for the quality of the leather , they are not even in the same level
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    Apr 5, 2011
    Does anyone make real wallet cases (wallets should have a slot with an ID window)?
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    May 2, 2016
    This one is handmade Italian Full grain leather ( one of the best real leather ) , and it does have id windows
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    Mar 18, 2012
    Uh, did you not realise I was replying to nutmac's suggestion of the Tech21 Evo Wallet being an alternative?
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    May 2, 2016
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    May 2, 2016
    i need to update one thing , the lip is a little bit higher than the screen , so it is okay for protection . But we still need a screen protector
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    May 2, 2016

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