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Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by RevolvingSheep, Sep 26, 2012.

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    I have a STM bag for my iPad (I am a male). It fits my iPad in the back, my journal/art book in the middle space and a book in the front. This is all that it fits and it is all very tight. I try to put a cable, some change, my keys and maybe some papers in there but it gets very bulky and annoying. It is black with a cloth exterior.

    I have decided that I want something different... something leather. I prefer black, but a dark brown would be fine as well. I don't mind spending up to $100 on the right bag. I need it to fit my iPad, journal, a book and some pens. I really want a classy look to it... and I would like it to be as thin as possible while still being able to hold what I need. I prefer it to not be a huge full size messenger bag, but I might consider one anyway.

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