Lecturer needs advice - iMac or iBook or iMini?

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    Hi, I have a G4 Sawtooth running at 400mHz updated to 1gHz. I use it for everything even though I've also got a higher speced Pc as well. I WAS going to buy a new mini for 18 months until the new intel macs appeared, but the 'upgrades' make me feel cold. I could (just) afford a new iMac but am now completely perplexed as to what I should do. Do the new iBooks allow one to PowerPoint/Keynote to audiences via a projector at sufficient quality?
    Do the new iBooks allow one to use it as a (temporary) desktop replacement ?

    My lab. is set up with a Dull + projector.

    I'm seriously thinking of doing all my lecture notes and powerpoints on a PC now and waiting until the next (intel?) updates.

    Any advice welcome

    Bw RTJ
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    I think for presentations almost any computer should be powerful enough. I've worked with Powerpoint with minimal issues with my 1 GHz laptop.

    One thing that Mac OS X computers have in it's favor is that it can output to .pdf, which I know some people like to use to post presentations online. However that may not be a factor as I don't know if you'd get the Adobe Suite at a well discounted price there.

    As for presentation quality, the 1024x768 is standard resolution for the projectors, which should be plenty enough.

    The iBook should be fine, work on it at home and connect it to the projector at the lab. Plus in case you need to do last minute changes, you'll find having the laptop's 12" screen will come in handy as opposed to the mini.
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    I think that the iBook would suit you just fine. My bro is a professor and he uses his to display his powerpoints to his class via a projector and has no complaints. :)

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