LED glossy screen vs matte for photo editing

Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by beachdawg, Jan 29, 2009.

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    I have not used the new glossy screen displays yet. Can anybody tell me how the glare is and if it's a problem while editing? it seems like it would be annoying, but Apple seems to be going totally this route now. Is the whole glossy vs. matte just personal preference or is there a significant difference in color perception?

    If I bought a macpro is it worth doing so and getting one of the matte cinema displays that will soon disappear? I know I like the matte monitors...I use them every day. However, are the glossy screens that much better? is it better to wait for the new mac pro that will have the new connection for the LED monitors? Has there been any talk of an adaptor for the new monitors?

    thank you
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    Please search and check the other subforums. Your questions have been answered a billion times over.
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    This is a grey area at the moment. Most professionals, including me, would recommend sticking with a Matte/Anti-glare Screen. The current Mac Pro's do not offer the Display Port for the new Cinema Displays (glass screen). Apple still sells the 20" and 30" Aluminum Matte Cinema Displays. If you're lucky at other retailers, you can still get a 23 inch (which I have).

    Bottom line. Professionals prefer the matte displays. Color reproduction is superior and there is no glare. The glossy displays enhance the contrast which is great for consumers because it makes visuals on the screen "look" better. For a graphic, photo, video professional this is usually not tolerated. These are conclusions I have come to after researching this topic for many years. I was a fan of purchasing Samsung monitors because they are cheaper than Apple. I finally last summer bought an Apple 23-inch Cinema Display for my Early 2008 Mac Pro, it is amazing. I will never go back to another brand, I'm sticking with Apple. The colors are beautiful. I mainly use the monitor for Video, Photo, Design work. Color reproduction is a must.

    Your matte options are the old Cinema Displays (Apple offers 20 inch and 30 inch) the 23 inch you can find at other retailers online if they still have some in stock. The new 17 inch MacBook Pro offers a Matte Anti-glare add-on for $50 or so. Best of luck to you and your decision.
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