Left AirPod extremely unreliable?

Discussion in 'iPhone Accessories' started by Canubis, Feb 25, 2018.

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    I just got my AirPods yesterday and while the set up and sound were all great and yes even would call that "magical", I feel that my left AirPod is a lot less "magical" than the right one. In other words the behavior of pausing music, when taking the left one out of my ear is not working in like 8-9 of 10 times. Sometimes music is paused only when being placed back in the ear. Also double-taps to pause/play music are nearly never recognized although sometimes (like in 5% of all tries) they are.

    The right AirPod however works more or less like expected: double taps are recognized in like 99% of tries. Music pauses when taken out of the ear. However, more often than not music is also not resuming when put back into the ear (although also sometimes it does). Instead I hear a chime sound (the same one heard when taking AirPods out of the case and putting them into the ears) - I believe this should only be played to show they are connected to the iPhone, not every time i take one out quickly afterwards put it back in.

    Maybe the left AirPod loses connection with the right one? Or in some other way they don't just play nicely together?

    Is this common behavior also for other AirPods users or could it be I got a faulty product? Any other ideas? Worth to give Apple a call/visit or do such imperfections have to be accepted since wireless "simply has its flaws"?
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    Can't say I've noticed abut issue with one AirPod over another myself.

    Easy way to check - simulate them being in your ear by covering up the ear section with your hand and see what happens with each one (music should resume), then uncover it again and see if the music stops.

    If that falls then yeah, I'd hazard a guess you got a faulty AirPod.
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    It’s not common behavior at all. I would attempt by “Forgetting This device” under Bluetooth settings, then repair your Airpods to determine if that repairs the problem.

    Otherwise, return them for a new set of Airpods or Apple can replace your left Airpod as in exchange for the defective one.
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    I had a similar issue with the left AirPod. I reset the case by holding the button down until the white light blinks, and repair it with the phone and checked battery. The left showed charging status after being run down...

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