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    Mar 18, 2007
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    Is it legal to use a preowned version of Photoshop cs? I bought it on ebay but my roomate says its illegal since someone has already used it. Is this true?:rolleyes:
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    Mar 16, 2004
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    If it isn't the student version, and if they included all of the media with it, as far as I know, it's legal. Or at least, I can't say that it isn't.
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    Oct 2, 2006
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    It is completely legal as long as you have everything that came with the software. Read the license agreement, it took me 2 minutes to find the relevant information and I don't even own Photoshop.
  4. brbubba macrumors 6502


    May 20, 2006
    Even if it wasn't in the EULA you would still be ok. Court decisions on this matter have generally defended an individual's right to resell software, assuming they no longer have it installed on their computer. The only case I can see where this wouldn't apply is a subscription based software.

    I hope the guy transfered the activation though. At least on CS2 and CS3 Adobe requires activation and if you don't deactivate a copy you won't be able to activate a new one unless you call. Thankfully they also allow two installations per license.

    P.S. How come roommates never know what the hell they are talking about?

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