LEGO Woz :)


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Dec 30, 2004
Cool......well now what they need to make fort the kids is Apple computers as building kits......heheh


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Dec 29, 2004
The Wood of Spots, NJ
ITASOR said:
Stick.Jobs is looking for a companion already?[/QUOTE

I was thinking the same thing! Would a Stick.Jobs get along with a LEGO.Woz? :) Or would LEGO.Woz get jealous and there would be an unholy, insane LEGO.Jobs vs Stick.Jobs death match?!?!

That would be interesting. I don't see LEGO.Jobs being good in a fight, but that LEGO armor has got to make him stronger than a Stick.Jobs, at least defensively. But Stick.Jobs would def. have a better offense. :) One stick headbut right to the eye and it's all over.
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