Leica M (240) firmware update

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by kallisti, Jun 30, 2014.

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    Not sure if there are any other Leica shooters in the forum.

    Leica just released a firmware update today for the M (240) that addressed several outstanding issues.

    Perhaps the most interesting from my perspective is the "Auto ISO in M mode" option. You can now set your aperture and shutter speed in M mode, but if you have ISO set to "auto" the camera will vary the ISO sensitivity for correct exposure. Useful in scenarios where you know which aperture and shutter speed you want, but the light is changing dynamically (like at a concert) making a full manual exposure extremely challenging.

    Available as a free download from the Leica site (along with instructions and a more complete list of changes included in the firmware update).

    Posting this as an FYI to any M (240) users that may be out there. *Not* intending for this to devolve into a "my camera can already do this" thread. My Nikon can do this. The M9 can do this. For unclear reasons the M (240) couldn't until now. Not sure what Leica was thinking as this can be a useful feature when shooting manual.
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    Leica M (240) firmware update

    Nice to see Leica adding, what could be considered, "standard" functionality to the M240. I'm not going to crow about how mine has this already because I'm insanely jealous of you for owning one as I think they're beautiful cameras and I'd love one. They're about four and a half grand out of my league though unfortunately.....don't even get me started on the lenses.....

    Enjoy that bad boy!

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