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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by ifjake, May 4, 2005.

  1. ifjake macrumors 6502a

    Jan 19, 2004
    i'm on the phone now with my fourth powerbook problem. it's one of the last of the Ti's, i bought it about 20 months ago before my freshman year of college started about 3 weeks before the Aluminum update (to my dismay). this thing has been dependably undependable. about every 6 months something has gone wrong enough that i have to send it away. and they've pretty much been different every time. first time it was this nasty sound issue followed by entire system freeze. second time it was this weird static looking lines across the display. third time the thing wouldn't even start up. now i've got what looks like a revisiting of the 2nd issue. i'm wondering how many times i have to go through with this. 4 times? 5? 6? is there something else i can do besides constantly sending it back over and over again until my Applecare runs out? i asked the Applecare agent on the phone if there could be something that they would do for me after 4 times. she wasn't budging. maybe i should have talked to her manager i dunno. but the box is on it's way and i'm really not satisfied with how this has been going for the past year and a half. anyone out there have any similar experiences? what can i do?
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    Jan 22, 2003
    In your head.
    If it was the same problem or a problem with a line, then they will deal. I know a few people that have upgraded their iBooks because of the MB problems. 4 time in 2 years doesn’t sound like much compared to PC laptops. I have burnt through over a dozen Windows laptops, and only 1 Mac- and it died because I was in an accident.

    Write a letter to Apple and see what happens. Run devilish processes (running Live is really processor intensive). I know some musicians that wear out their laptops. Be aggressive if something else fails and explain that out of the box the computer had to be returned.

    Mobil machines run into problems. I am hard on my equipment, even so, I am surprised at how few problems I have had. I have had excellent responses from Apple. The have repaired screens that were just old and plastics (not covered by AppleCare) on their own accord. My complaints to apple have always been returned. The last time I complained, somebody called me and we talked for a while about problems with the Apple Store, distribution and promises not met. Afterwards I know I made a difference.
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    Jan 6, 2004
    Sheffield, UK
    I do empathize with you. My 17” aluminum powerbook had many problems over the last 22 months also. I remember once I unwrapped it, the “shift” key didn’t work. Two months later, I had a logic board problem and the powerbook was sent to Armsterdam for repair, leaving me without a computer for more than 2 weeks. In February last year, the Airport Extreme broke and I had to send it out again for a replacement. Following that, the superdrive just don’t work. In January this year, the power adapter failed on me (stopped charging after being plugged into a power point for about ½ an hour).

    And for the kind of services I get from those providing AppleCare telephone support is really disappointing. After having spent over 200 pounds for AppleCare, each time when things goes wrong, I am always advised to… 1. Reboot using the installation disk and repair disk permission 2. Create a new user and copy information from the old home directory to the new one 3. Make a clean OS X installation… even if these solutions aren’t likely to help solve any hardware problems.

    If 1. to 4. don’t work, I have to beg them to arrange for my PowerBook to be repaired, otherwise they will try to “help” me find the nearest Apple maintenance / servicing agents and ask that I send it in to them. I had nightmares with these “authorized” Apple servicing agents twice. They simply collect it (half-heartedly, hinting to me that the amount of money Apple will reimburse them is actually not enough to cover the repair cost) and then place it on their shelves without any attempt to do a primary diagnosis whatsoever. After 7 working day, I call them, and to my horror, it’s still untouched by the technical staffs. Then, I had to call Apple (angrily), demanding that the powerbook be sent in straight away for repair. Each time something breaks down I am without a personal computer for at least 2 and a half weeks.

    I still believe in Apple products though. I have just ordered a new Mac, hoping that this time round nothing will go wrong (really keeping my fingers crossed). But I won’t be getting AppleCare this time, taking a risk of having to fork out 300 to 600 pounds if one component goes wrong when the warranty has expired. The telephone support on its own is simply not worth it. AppleCare is just for getting something replaced free-of-charge. But again, if there’re damages resulting from accidents or if I have done something silly to void the warranty, AppleCare can’t save you any more.

    After several episodes of powerbook failure, I think that what we have to do is to be realistic with our expectations and more importantly, don’t take things to heart. There is really nothing that the telephone person can do for us to prevent more future breakdowns, neither will Apple replace us with new powerbook (never!). After all, Apple is running a business so they have to maximize their profits. Perhaps, it's time for you to think about getting yourself with a new Mac. At least when 1 computer goes wrong, you still have another to work on.
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    Oct 7, 2004
    Raleigh, NC
    Sorry to hear about your problems.
    I had to go through something similar with my iBook, but got a replacement
    on the 5th time.
    As far as taking the unit to some repair place, they tried that with me and I told them I don't have time for this and to please send me a over night box.

    If you want to have a replacement you will have to be firm but very nice and may have to call customer relations and cry a bit.
    Also call them 2-3 times a day to re ingrate how bad things are, try to get a different person every time.

    Persistence prevails when all else fails.

    Anyway Apple Customer Relations should be your next phone call.
  5. St Soichiro macrumors regular

    Jun 30, 2004
    Tulsa, OK
    I have had two problems with my 15" Al PB in the last 11 months. Both times the machine had to be sent in. Next time you call Applecare, ask to speak to a supervisor. The 1st tier of Applecare has no authority, but the 2nd tier does. Typically, you can ask for a replacement at the 3rd instance of a problem - as told to me by an Applecare supervisor. At that point it becomes cheaper for Apple to send you a new machine rather than carry out another repair. You don't have to really moan and groan with the Applecare person you reach first. Save that for the supervisor. I was quite frustrated till I talked to one. Still had to send in my machine for a week, but was taken care off in a very polite and professional manner.

    Good luck.
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    Jan 19, 2004
    interesting. only 2 out of the 4 have been similar problems (graphics: #2 and current), although i think the logic board had to go every single time. yeah, i now regret not talking to the supervisor, but next time i know, and at this rate i should expect another issue in ... oh ... about six months. probably right before finals. oh and i'm a musician, though the most processor intensive audio app i run is GarageBand. Reason 3 doesn't do much. i've stayed away from anything more heavy duty for the time being. i have a whole nother year left on AppleCare. another issue is that i had a new hard drive put in it by a "qualified apple service technician" (because somehow i knew something was going to break) about two months ago. i don't know if i should ship the old drive with it or not. i'm afraid that they'll yank the drive and pitch it (it's a 60 gig 7200 RPM) but i'm more afraid that they'll yank the AppleCare and start charging. should i take any precautionary measures?
  7. Demon Hunter macrumors 68020

    Mar 30, 2004
    I sent my old laptop in 5 times for keyboard replacements... you have a federal right, at that point, to a refund or a replacement (which I received). I would research the lemon laws in your state, and if there are none, the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Law is federal and also covers you. It defines a "reasonable number" of attempts, but I believe it has to be the same issue...
  8. Chip NoVaMac macrumors G3

    Chip NoVaMac

    Dec 25, 2003
    Northern Virginia
    As mentioned, the biggest thing is to be polite/nice when calling them. The old saying is that you catch more flies with sugar, then you do with vinegar....
  9. andrewfee macrumors 6502

    Aug 29, 2004
    I had a lot of issues with my iMac G5, and had five hardware failures with it.

    Apple's policy is that your fourth seperate issue is what lets you get a new machine, or change to a different one of similar value.

    I had my hard drive die, and the screen was damaged on delivery to me, and it only counted as one issue, for example.

    Just remain calm, and insist on getting a replacement system. They will not let you get one if you have had less than four seperate issues though. I had four issues, but only three seperate ones at one point, and spent hours on the phone, but no-one there could send me a replacement until my fourth seperate issue showed up.

    They also had my system sent to a local repair centre for one of them, and that wasn't showing up on their records, so I insisted that they called them up to confirm it.
  10. ifjake thread starter macrumors 6502a

    Jan 19, 2004
    thanks for the advice everybody. i think what i'm going to do is just write a letter that sort of warns them that next time i'm going to have to request a replacement machine. if there is a next time and if the next time is a hardware problem that requires it to be sent away for repair, i will request to talk to a supervisor. i'm going to finish backing up so that i can be ready to send it off when the box arrives. i'm thinking about sending a copy of the service receipt and a letter explaining the hard drive replacement in the box. hopefully having a non apple hard drive put in the machine won't cause any issues with the repair. i had it put in by a certified apple service technician, so i should still be in warrantee. thanks again.
  11. Flyinace2000 macrumors 6502a


    Sep 28, 2004
    idid some searching and can you point me to where they say this in writing? I read the TOS for AppleCare and i didn't see it but i could of missed it. You help will appreciated. Thanks

  12. iGary Guest


    May 26, 2004
    Randy's House
    There is no "set" number of instances. I had a friend with a PM G5 and afterthey basically replaced the shole computer (PMU, Procs, MOBO) and it still didn't work, they replaced it.

    I'm there now. They are probably going to be replacing both procs and the PMU next. If that doesn't work, I'll ask for a new machine.
  13. FocusAndEarnIt macrumors 601


    May 29, 2005
    I would probably ask for the highest level or the manager and demand a new one - be polite but firm, demanding almost - just don't piss 'em off. :eek:

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