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    Feb 17, 2007
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    hey i just saw a old lens for a film camera that i'm sure works and i was wondering can i use old film lenses on a nikon D50 and use it i dont think auto focous will work but i dont care about that
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    Jan 5, 2006
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    There are a few different types of older manual focus Nikon lenses. If it is an "AI" or AIS or "AI'd" (AI'd means converted to AI. Many lenses were converted. Nikon sold conversion kits.) then it will work. Only the very old non-AI lenses will not work on the D50. These can actually damage the camera.

    The AI/AIS lens will mount and you can manually focus the lens. The green "in focus" light will come on when you have perfect focus but the meter will not operate. Use the "sunny 16" rule if outdoors or use the flash's guide number to compute the correct aperture if using strobe or hand meter. or do - what I do guess. As soon as you take the shot look at the histogram and make a fine adjustment. In the past cameras did not have light meters and people did just fine without them. The histogram is actually a very, very good light meter. And once you know the exposure it will remain fixed as long as the light does not change.

    Nikon made a very few expensive type "P" lenses that were manual focus but had electric contacts, these will meter in the D50.

    This is all explained the in the D50 owners manual

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