Leopard compatibility with older software?


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Jul 25, 2007
Hey folks,

I've been searching around for answers but I'm not finding anything conclusive. Does anyone know whether or not ALL existing OSX software will run on Leopard with no problems?

I'm speaking mainly about CS2 in its entirety, and Office 2004, but also about third party software. I am very interested in Leopard but need to know for sure that it's not going to end up costing me far more than $109.

If it's not compatible with some existing software, do you know specifically what the problems will be?



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Feb 23, 2006
San Francisco, CA
Do not quote me on this ... but, I have heard that in its <b>current form</b> CS3 doesn't work. However, since nobody has used the GM seed yet its hard to say. Maybe Adobe will have it fixed by then.

If you are worried about compatibility ... I suggest waiting a few days after official release to see how things go.


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Jul 16, 2002
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What Apps will not work with Leopard?

I have only 2 that I am wondering about, Quicken 2005 and Contribute 3? I am willing to upgrade both if required before I install Leopard but would rather keep the versions I have unless absolutely needed. Thanks.



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Contribute 3 and Leopard

I can get Contribute 3 to work on my Intel Macbook Pro without any problem, but on my 1.5 ghz. PowerPC Powerbook it crashes and refuses to start. Any suggestions would be most welcome!
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