Leopard Firewall - how the heck do you use it?


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Jun 9, 2007
The firewall is way different in Leopard. I can't figure out how to go into it and add what ports I want to allow through. I see where you can add programs but you can't tell it which ports to use.

How the heck do you use it?


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Aug 9, 2007
Allentown, PA
That's a good question. Currently I have the firewall disabled since I'm behind a router and I need some ports open for my Xbox 360 Internet Share, but it would be nice to turn it back on again with custom ports.


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Jan 9, 2007
I have my firewall set to 'set access for specific services and applications'.

Then whenever an app tries to accept incoming connections, a dialog pops up and asks you to allow it or not.

Even though I have a router firewall, this might help see what apps are trying to get incoming traffic (shame it doesn't seem to do outbound as well). For instance: For some reason RealPlayer seemed to want to accept incoming connections? Since I can't trust Real (they are basically on the level of spammers in my book), I disallowed that. I only use RealPlayer for the occasional RM file that I can't play elsewhere anyway.
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