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Discussion in 'macOS' started by Kan-O-Z, Mar 19, 2008.

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    I need help upgrading to Leopard. I know there has been many posts on this topic. I did searches and while I got some good info, I still have questions.

    The 3 methods of installation are:
    1. Upgrade and Install (basically just popping in the CD and it does everything for you)
    2. Archive and Install
    3. Erase and Install

    I understand if possible, Erase and Install seems the be the method of choice. Now what exactly is Archive and Install? Is that an option that comes up when you pop in the Leopard CD?

    When doing Erase and Install, is there a way to use Migration Assistant? I heard something about how you can clone your computer harddrive to say an external one, erase and install leopard and then use migration assistant to pull in all your data and settings into leopard.

    Please help me with these questions. Thanks,

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    When you click the "options" button that lets you select the installation style, Archive and Install is one of the options. This is the one that most people are probably going to want to do--what it does is install a "clean" copy of Leopard, but it attempts to bring over all the Applications and user settings that you had installed. Your old system files will end up in a "Previous Systems" folder that you can probably just delete--it's left there in case it contains something you still need (unlikely).

    The theoretical upshot of this method is you get a clean Leopard install, but everything is already in place--your users and their data is all still there, and you don't have to reinstall any applications.

    In practice, this almost works, but applications or system tweaks that require installation (rather than just dragging to the Applications folder) may need to be reinstalled. That's probably a good idea anyway.

    For most folks, this is the way to go; the only time to do an Upgrade over Archive and Install is if you REALLY don't want to need to reinstall any applications for whatever reason.

    Yes. In fact, since Erase and Install basically gives you a stock factory installation of Leopard, I believe the Migration Assistant comes up along with the registration info the first time you boot. It's also sitting in the Utilities folder and can be launched later, if you want. Of course, you need a copy of your previous installation to migrate from, since this option will completely wipe your drive. This leads to...

    Yes, this is exactly what you can do--clone your current install to another drive (using Carbon Copy Cloner or a similar application), install with an erase, then use the Migration assistant to bring the old users and applications over.

    In truth, though, this isn't much different from Archive and Install, so I wouldn't bother. It might, in theory, make a small difference, and I suppose if your hard drive is nearly full it won't make fragmentation any worse, but it's a lot more hassle.
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    From the Apple doc, Installing Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard:

    Archive and Install choice
    This option moves existing system files to a folder named Previous System, and then installs a new copy of Mac OS X. This option is available only for volumes with Mac OS X already installed. Usually, if you select this method, you will want to also select (check) "Preserve Users and Network Settings" which imports existing user accounts, home folders, and your network settings into the new system.

    I haven't used Migration Assistant yet but will probably try it out. I recently did the "upgrade" option for my Leopard install but when I have time I want to erase everything and install from scratch. Since I have Leopard installed right now I believe I can back everything up with Time Machine then use Migration Assistant and Time Machine after a new install to restore settings and such.

    Here is the description on the Apple site about Leopard:

    Migration with style.
    To make setting up a new Mac even simpler, Time Machine shares its data with other Mac utilities. Use Migration Assistant to copy portions of any Time Time Machine finder iconMachine backup to a new Mac, or select “Restore System from Time Machine” in the Leopard DVD Utilities menu. Choose any date recorded in Time Machine to set up your new Mac exactly as your previous Mac was on that date.

    I am not quite sure if it will do what I want after an Erase and Install. I will have to ask someone about this.

    Anyone have more to input about Migration Assistant and Time Machine for preserving settings after a reinstall?

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