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Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by fleshman03, Jan 21, 2011.

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    Hello Everyone,

    So I'm back with another question about the iMac G5 (M9249LL/A).

    The RAM was installed perfectly and I now have iMac with 2GBs of RAM and 10.3.9 installed.

    So onto the leopard install. I have a Leopard image. (We bought a family box set and my parents keep the physical disk.) I burned a 10.5.6 image to a Verbatim DVD+R DL. Worked fine on my Intel MacBookPro.

    When I insert the disk into the iMac, it spins, grinds and spits the disk across the room. (literally.) The iMac does read commercial DVDs perfectly.

    So I have a DVD drive that reads commercial DVDs and CDs, but not the Verbatim DL DVD.

    Is there a way to force it to play the disk or alternative installation methods?

    I've double checked that the RAM was inserted properly, attempted to install Leopard via USB and asked the computer nicely, all lead to zero success.

    I know about firewire 400. Would that work with an Intel -> PPC setup? It's the last chance solution, since I've have to make yet another run to Best Buy.
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    Hmmm, Id try and borrow the retail disc, as it sounds like the burn has failed in some way, or the media is slightly flawed and your MBP can cope as its drive is a lot newer than your G5s.
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    ive tried burning the original, high and low.... and have not once got a good copy...

    Get the Original :)
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    No doubt, but are they DVD DL (those commercial ones)?

    From what you wrote, it seems that your iMac G5 optical drive has problem with DL (or DVD+R DL) discs. If disc you've burned works with your Intel Mac, there's only one possibility left. This.
    Try to use Intel Mac's optical drive in TDM (connect them both with FW cable and boot Intel - with 10.5 DVD inserted - with T pressed on kbd and boot PPC with "alt" to choose Intel's DVD drive as boot drive).
  6. DSPalpatine macrumors member

    Nov 9, 2009
    Anecdotally, my G5 iMac HATES Verbatim DL DVD's. Several years ago I had filmed a friend's wedding, and after days and days of editing, when I went to burn it in iDVD, I had bought a pack of 20 Verbatim DVD+R DLs, and it kept spitting out the discs. I searched on the forums and found that other G5 iMac owners had similar problems with the Verbatim discs. Not sure why... perhaps the DVD drive in these machines are finicky, but I bought a pack of Sony discs and burned them, and watched them on the machine, with no problems. So, in the future, perhaps try another brand? I also had good luck with Memorex as well.
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    make a 10GB partition on the harddrive and restore the image onto it using disk utility, you will now be able to boot off the volume and install to the main partition.

    this is the exact same procedure as making a bootable thumb drive, which i'm sure you can google.

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