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    Aug 6, 2007
    I just installed leopard and the Maill application is running just fine. But for some reason it fails to upload my todo list to my imap server. The error given is: "Mailbox does not exist, or must be subscribed to."
    My guess is that it wants to have a special folder on the imap server for the todo which I do not have. But what should it be named like? Anyone tried that on their own imap yet?
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    Aug 6, 2007
    Found the solution

    Ok, the first problem I had is that I was not able to create mailboxes in my IMAP account because the path of the inbox was set wrong. The easiest way to figure out if that is set correctly is to try to create a new mailbox. It will suggest to set it to the correct path if it is wrong.

    After that you can create a todo in your imap by selecting your imap inbox and click on the To Do button. This will create the necessary folder on the imap which is named 'Apple Mail To Do'.

    Now you should have 2 subfolder in your to-do list. One of them named the same as your imap account. The default calendar there is named todo.

    If you create a todo item on that imap it will create a new mail in that folder that looks something like this:

    Subject: New To Do
    — This is a To Do stored on an IMAP server.
    — It is managed by Mail so please don’t modify or delete it.
    ’New To Do’ [XXXXXX]
    Has no due date.
    Is incomplete.
    Has no priority.
    Is stored in the todo calendar.
    Has no alarms.
    Contains the URL mailitem:XXXXX?type=todo&action=showparent
    Has no note.

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