Leopard on <= 700 MHz iMacs, etc?


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Jun 5, 2007
While Apple lists 867MHz as the minimum CPU speed for running Leopard, this of course is a subjective judgment on what responsiveness is acceptable to the user. The 700Mhz iMac ("Luxo") falls below this cutoff.

So, 1) does Leopard allow itself to be installed on such machines, or does it seize control from the user?

2) Has anyone tried installing Leopard on a sub 800MHz mac? If it is up an running, how is the usability?


Oct 17, 2005
Looks to me like it wont install without tinkering.

Just tried on a 800mhz imac g4 with 512mb RAM.

No joy, however on my macbook it bloody flies!

Anyone come up with the solution to getting it to work on older macs?


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Jun 20, 2007
Currently running Leopard on a Dual 800MHZ G4, the key is to have a Graphics Card with both Core Image and Quartz Extreme so you get all of the dandy eye-candy that comes with Leopard. I have a 9600 Pro.

The CPU isn't really a big factor but don't expect to be very productive while Spotlight is indexing or while Time Machine is backing up.


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