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Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by comda, Mar 13, 2015.

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    Greetings Macrumors!

    I love Power Pc machines! Clearly many of us here do. However almost all the machines i used over the years where only G3s or early g4s that run Tiger.

    I finally Got a 80Gb hard drive into my 1.42Ghz emac and using my macbook in target disk mode installed Leopard on it. My machine was made in 2005 and features the last 1.42Ghz PPC G4 Cpu, 1Gb of Ram (might give it 2gb) Airport card, 80Gb hard drive and combo drive (wouldnt open so now its a DVD Burner). I have to replace that PRAM battery though. Each time i plug it back in it asks for the wifi pass again and the time error.

    Since i have not run leopard since I upgraded my macbooks original OS to snow leopard im a little rusty on what PPC leopard needs to function today.

    Anyways. This is the first PowerPc machine that i have that can run Leopard and the internet (barely). Anyways over the past few months that ive been looking at the PPC forums some of you have CPU meters and stats in top menu bar. I do have istat menu installed but i see others.

    Im using this machine right now in leopard to type this up but its having a bit of a hard time on safari and keeps asking for flash update.

    So what do i need to get this thing running again decently on the web? Can anyone suggest some useful software this thing needs? Since my Gaming desktop is at school and I come home at times i want to use this machine for basic web and homework.. The new hard drive is a little loud when loading stuff so i might replace it down the road but for now what do you guys suggest?
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    Take a look here, most of everything is for Leopard although one of these days I need to finish up the Tiger stuff!

    Use TenFourFox for a web browser, it is very similar to the latest releases of Firefox so you can install plugins like AdBlock, although you won't be able to use Flash. If you need flash (I need it to stream a local radio station) use Safari but update it to the latest, and download flash. Links to both are available on the website.

    Also for the sensors in the bar by the clock, I use iStatmenus 2 which is under the essential page.

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    You might also want to optimize Leopard. 1GB ram is about the minimum you want to use with it. There's a thread here on that in this forum.

    Whatever you do, if you have a CRT as a monitor do NOT disable BeamSync!
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    Thank-you! istat menus was EXACTLY what i was looking for. As for the website PPC archive, i remember seeing this before but completely forgot the name. Thanks! With the webkit and even the old Flash player the system on the net is A LOT MORE FASTER.

    When i first purchased my intel macbook in 2007 it came with 1Gb of Ram. I used it with that much until i want to say 2011... Anyways after i repaired permissions the system became a LOT snappier. I know i have a Gig stick of DDR somewhere in one of my PC parts shelves. As for now this is still snappy! starting to finally enjoy this mac! I will check out that thread soon ;)

    Its shame that QS with 1GHZ DP is dead. would have loved to see it working.. because this system is quite nice. ;) THanks

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