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Leopard Previewed

What was your favorite feature shown in Leopard?

  • Time Machine

    Votes: 281 48.1%
  • Enhanced Mail

    Votes: 28 4.8%
  • Enhanced iChat

    Votes: 56 9.6%
  • Spaces (Virtual Desktops)

    Votes: 108 18.5%
  • Enhanced Dashboard

    Votes: 18 3.1%
  • Enhanced Spotlight

    Votes: 12 2.1%
  • Enhanced iCal

    Votes: 8 1.4%
  • More Accessible

    Votes: 6 1.0%
  • Core Animation

    Votes: 38 6.5%
  • Increased 64-bit support

    Votes: 29 5.0%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .


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Original poster
Apr 12, 2001

Also during Apple's WWDC keynote, Steve Jobs previewed Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard). Among the features demonstrated were:

- 64 bit application support extended throughought the User Interface layer of the OS, allowing "full" 64-bit application development and deployment.
- Time Machine, automatic backup and restoring of files corrupted or accidentally deleted or overwritten by the user.
- Spaces, Apple's implementation of virtual desktops.
- Core Animation
- Enhancements to Dashboard, Spotlight, Mail, iCal and Universal Access
- Boot Camp, and "next generation" Front Row, and Photo Booth bundled

Apple plan to release Leopard in "Spring 2007."

More information can be found at Apple's Leopard Sneak Peek pages.


macrumors 6502
Feb 20, 2003
Palo Alto, CA
The new HW is fine, but Leopard is exciting! I'll look forward to this as I have all the big cats. Time machine is a great idea; love the additions to iChat & spotlight.


macrumors 65816
Sep 20, 2005
New York (not NYC)
Personally.. I wasnt too thrilled with the features shown.. some i liked tho.. but some i didnt care for.. time machine is amazing however.. and spaces is nice too. All in all i cant wait to get my hands on it next year.


macrumors 6502a
Dec 9, 2005
Features I want:

-iChat screen sharing (awesome idea!) and video effects
-Spaces (finally a Apple OS-level implementation)
-Time Machine (I want a friggin wormhole on my computer!)

I wish they'd show us the Top Secret features.

But seriously, so one even saw Time Machine coming. That was a surprise!


macrumors G5
May 2, 2002
Wow! :eek:

It's amazing how Apple keeps managing BIG updates to OS X. They are moving forward so much more efficiently than Microsoft. Not just polishing little things, but big, useful things. Not to mention some fun ones to attract consumers. I hope the advanced Spotlight features include easy boolean searching.

And now we can all wonder about those OTHER features Steve said they are concealing for now so Microsoft can't make a halfway copy (or attempt to) yet again.

I'm surprised res-independent UI was not discussed, but Apple has already said that is coming, so maybe it's just not polished enough to bother showing yet. (Or maybe it's better to show when new displays come out? Today's new low prices on Cinema Displays might hint at new displays to come later.)

I've been asking for that background-change effect in iChat for years! Adobe Premiere could do that in the 90s, though not in realtime. Too cool!

Now one question... A new Front Row has been mentioned, but what will it have? PVR, tuner-ready for future Macs or peripherals? At first I also wondered about ["from across the room or across the house"... But I bet they're just talking about sharing iTunes or photos from another Mac, which is old news.

PS, congrats to MR's servers for handling the load :)


macrumors 65816
Jan 20, 2005
Rockford MI
Wow! Just about everything was bad ass! Time Machine seems awesome, so many times I have saved over a document and didn't have a back up. Now all I need is an external drive.

Were they serious when they said they were saving the best feature for later?


macrumors 65816
Apr 26, 2004

The photo templates in Mail look pretty nifty. The ability to crop and scale inside a pre-defined space would make a nice new feature for iPhoto books, so I suspect we may see more of this feature in iPhoto when iLife refreshes in January.

The improved functionality in Mail looks great!


macrumors 601
Jan 13, 2002

sososowhat said:
The new HW is fine, but Leopard is exciting! I'll look forward to this as I have all the big cats.

In nine months or less......... we'll have those
Top Secret features in our machines - too bad
for Redmond they won't be revealed until then.
Core graphics and Quartz Extreme will be amazing.
Love Time Machine, Spaces, etc.


macrumors newbie
Apr 12, 2006
Remember guys, these are only a few of the MANY features that Leopard will have to offer... including the top secret one. Steve made that clear.

Apple is doing a great job concealing everything else from M$. Spring 2007 is the release date. Expect to see new finder, along with an in-depth look! :D

Wow, for the first time... I actually feel sorry for poor boy Gates. He's in for a good ol' beating! :p :rolleyes: ;)


macrumors 6502
Jan 11, 2005
Autumn is ages away!! Damn it!!!

Have to admit i'm not very impressed at the moment *cough* but i'm staying optimisitic that when i read more into it and as more information comes out there will be something that grabs my attention.

I'm kinda bummed that even with Vista sneaking up that Aqua hasn't changed much.

*stays optimistic*


macrumors 6502a
Feb 3, 2005
My Theory

I dont think the "Top Secret" stuff is really top secret. I think Apple needs some more time to develope a few things before releasing them out into the public. No reason to release buggy apps.

Remember, WWDC was pushed back this year. THey aren't done with Leopard just yet.


macrumors newbie
Jan 20, 2006
San Francisco, CA
iCal link

Did anyone see the nifty link in the iCal page that is supposed to direct to calDAV standards page but insted linked to whicdh has a beautiful picture of a 1948 Chrysler? Didn't take them long to find that one.

Overall looks good, and I could really use the iCal sharing, but Spring? Come on!


macrumors 65816
Apr 26, 2004
More mail

The side menu in the Mail (at least in the Quicktime demo on Apple) shows Notes and To Do. Wouldn't it make sense to finally bring Address Book and iCal into Mail along with these new options?

I know that would make it very Outlook 2003, but Outlook 2003 is one of the (few) things Microsoft has managed to get right.

I just don't see the need for Address Book and iCal to exist separately from Mail if they're going to be even more integrated with Mail.


macrumors member
Apr 24, 2006
Looks very nice. Spaces will become a "how did we live without this?" feature as expose already has.

Does anyone know when we can expect a video of the WWDC to be uploaded??:confused:


Editor emeritus
Jul 10, 2003
Falls Church, VA
iJawn108 said:
Hey nice to see osx will have system restore =D

heh... they give MS so much crap for photocopying, but if anything, this is more or less taking a page out of MS's book with System Restore. Granted, it looks like it will be better, but still, MS had this kind of thing first.

Not trolling, just pointing it out :)

Enigmac said:
*cough* TOP SECRET *cough* :rolleyes:

It would definitely appear as though rumors of a re-vamped Finder could have some merit...


macrumors 68000
Jan 22, 2003
In your head.
It looks like the improvements to Universal Access alone will encourage me to upgrade. Finally better TTS voices! I just purchased two voices from Cepstral. I wonder if Apple will provide voices with an accent. I have grown fond of the British accented “Millie” voice. Luckely, I think the lybrary extensions that Cepstral offers are UB.


macrumors 68000
Jan 29, 2005
Baltimore, MD
Tommyg117 said:
anyone else a little underwhelmed with today's WWDC? There isn't anything that really jumped out at me besides the Mac Pro.

I don't know what there is to be underwhelmed about; the rumor has basically been that the main things being covered here would be the Mac Pro (which exceeded my expectations) and the first real glimpse at Leopard (which looks very cool from what I've seen). I didn't find either the Mac Pro or Leopard to be underwhelming, so I don't see anything that would make me feel underwhelmed.

I guess I would be underwhelmed if I had mistaken WWDC for Macworld or something, and expected a bunch of major new product announcements.


macrumors regular
Dec 31, 2004
New York, NY
I think one of the biggest things is the iChat remote desktop functionality. I have long been wanting very basic Apple Remote Desktop abilities in OS X. It is the perfect way to help a friend or family member troubleshoot a computer problem or teach them how to do a particular task.

Now, it seems, in iChat, all they have to do is share their screen, and you can take over! (If I am reading the description correctly!)

Oh yeah, Time Machine is cool. Spaces is alright, reminds me of Logic workspaces. Honestly, I never was so enamoured with Spotlight and Dashboard, but I am glad they are getting updated.

Now it's time for our crack team of Mac rumors sites to find out what's in Steve's sneaky top secret file folder!! I guess those features will be disabled in the Developer Previews? Because NDA or not, SOMEONE would talk about them.


macrumors regular
Jun 26, 2006
Kingman, AZ
If the rumor sites were right....

Mac Pro
Core 2 Duo
Tablet, etc...

the keynote would have been 6 hours.
I'm glad they took their time with Leopard and highlighted some neat new and much needed additions to tiger.
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