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Discussion in 'macOS' started by knew2mack, Aug 15, 2011.

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    Hi everyone -

    So I hear everyone has been having lots of problems with Lion??

    I am a late 08 Mac user and I have a couple of (probably dumb - please excuse that) questions - I am using Leopard and want to get Snow Leopard. Once I install it, do I have to go back and delete Leopard? Doesn't it take up too much space??

    I know, I know - absolutely no computer literacy, but I need to ask these 'dumb' questions, I need the answers and you all have helped me with so much, that I feel comfortable coming to y'all!!

    Also, is there a way for me to tell how much space is taken by podcasts?? What abt things I have on iMovie?

    It has also been running a bit slow & hot.....any suggestions??

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    I just installed Lion and have absolutely no problems with it. Maybe I'm just lucky but also take note that most people who have problems with it will post their problems on the web but if its working fine, usually people just keep quiet.

    Anyhow, with regards to updating to Snow Leopard, the Mac will take care of the upgrading for you. There is no need for you to go back and delete files or remove the old operating system. I would recommend you do a backup of your files before upgrading though, cos you never know what might go wrong during the upgrading process though the chances of it breaking down is very rare.

    You can find out the size of your podcasts when you click the podcasts section in itunes and see the total space taken up indicated in the bottom section of the whole itunes window.
  3. melva macrumors member

    Jul 28, 2011
    Lion almost problem free

    Likewise I'm having no noticeable problems – only welcome new features. A single note of caution is that the Apple USB Modem is not supported in Lion, but my All in One HP Scanner/Printer regained its scanning function. I need the scan function far more than the modem.

    If you have software that is showing its age you would be advised to determine if your version is supported in Lion. You can't expect any state of the art OS to support all old software packages.
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    You are so right, I did not do this and clicked the wrong button during my update (just yesterday!) and lost every thing! I did have most of the important stuff backed up but what a pain. I thought I was just erasing the old OS not doing a full restore!

    After I did it all, I realized it was not the right update...it still need SL so I can use this new track pad I got...! Which from reading here, I will have to go to the actual store to get...

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    I'm uncertain of what you mean -- are you saying that after I have Snow Leopard installed and I'm ready to move up to Lion, that in order to do so, I'll have to actually buy a new computer??? (I sure hope this is not the case)

  6. Quad5Ny, Aug 30, 2011
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    The 13" MacBook Unibody will run Lion just fine don't worry. I do recommend you upgrade to 4GB of RAM (2GB will be a bottleneck in performance).

    When you upgrade to Snow Leopard (or Lion) the installer takes care of updating and/or deleting old Operating System files. You do not need to go in and manually delete anything.

    Do not use your computer while the Snow Leopard installer is working and remember to close anything you have open as well. After it's done installing click the :apple: Menu, choose Software Updates, and install any updates (keep doing this until there are none left).


    As for your Mac being slow, I'm guessing your Hard drive is getting full. If I remember correctly the base MacBook Unibody only came with a 160GB HD. The best way to increase performance in this situation would be to upgrade to a bigger HD.

    A 500GB Hard Drive plus 4GB of RAM should only run about $100 these days.

    Those 2 upgrades will make your computer feel a lot snapper. A Apple Store might be able to sell you/install memory, but they will not put a new hard drive in (you would have to do that yourself).

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