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Discussion in 'macOS' started by offshoresa65s, Aug 13, 2009.

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    I am waiting like everyone else for Snow Leopard to take advantage of multi threading my early '08 2.8 x 8 MacPro and any applications which might take advantage of the proposed multithreading capability.

    I've never had any great success doing the "easy software update" that Mac's offer when upgrading machine or software, ie transferring all of your old data / preferences to a new a software version or upgrading your machine.

    Now we are at OSX.5.8 If I buy the Snow leopard upgrade, am I just going to be dumbing down the whole bunch of stuff ie Gigabytes of data for what now constitutes OSX.5.8, as I've read that the whole idea about Snow Leopard is that it is a slimed down version of the current leopard software that we all use right now.

    I always end up doing a complete re-initialise of system hard drive when doing a major OSX software upgrade or machine upgrade.

    Any thoughts?


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    There are a number of active threads discussing Snow Leopard and these topics

    If you use MRoogle to search on "Snow Leopard" you will likely find a lot of useful information

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    Well, none exist right now, so you'll be waiting a while.

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