Leopard, Vista, and MS Office: A Tale of Compatibility

Discussion in 'Apple, Inc and Tech Industry' started by GimmeSlack12, Mar 13, 2008.

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    I don't like Vista. I'm not a fan of Mac MS Office. But in the working world we likely have to interact with one of these two in most cases.
    So a PowerPoint I was directed to give brought me to getting started with MS 2003 on my Vista VAIO. I did my general layout but the idea of lugging my 17" VAIO to present this didn't seem elegant to me, and I couldnt' get QT movies to play right on the PC. So I figured I'd use my 12" iBook to present the material.
    Simple right? Make the PowerPoint in Vista, and present it with Leopard.

    Not to my surprise, my anticipated plan has come together perfectly! I took the PowerPoint to my iBook with Office '04 and using my AirClickUSB I can now control the iBook presentation (output via the Mini-DVI-VGA to projector) and be able to use my Mac to show people my Acoustics presentation. And I got my QT movies working fine! Compatibility between these computers and Operating Systems has worked out seamlessly and a situation which would have been a predicament 10 years ago is no longer an issue.

    All too easy....all too easy.
    (Oh! and I was able to use my PC programs at home on my iMac Al. to capture video using Snapz Pro.)
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    Might want to elaborate and or fix that before someone begs to know how you did that.

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