Less than 5-month-Old iPhone 5 Gone Haywire

Discussion in 'iPhone Tips, Help and Troubleshooting' started by slow hand, Feb 24, 2013.

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    Bought my iPhone 5 on October 4 from the Apple Store, but, this week, I've started having problems:

    - Mail app will not open

    - Texts will come through, but phone does not alert immediately. The phone will alert many hours later, as if the text just came through.

    - Display does not automatically turn off after the 1.5-min. interval I've set. I have to manually hit the sleep button to get the display to turn off.

    - Battery life significantly reduced (this may be due to the display not turning off automatically)

    - Touch screen problems, including intermittently failing to recognize keyboard strokes, hanging up while scrolling in all apps, and inability to move the location of an app icon or delete an app (when I press and hold the app icon, it initially selects, but then de-selects)

    I have switched the phone off and on multiple times, as well as doing multiple "hard resets" without results. Went to the Apple Store last night and they were going to replace the phone, but I couldn't get the phone to back up to iCloud. I backed the phone up to my computer earlier and I have an appointment for 3:50 pm today at the Apple Store.

    Does it sound to y'all like I have a touch screen problem?

    I don't like this at all; I'm easy on my phone. It's been in a slip-on Body Glove case since the day I bought it, and it's never been dropped hard or been banged around. I do use it a lot.

    I'm just concerned that it's gone bad after less than 5 months.

    I have had this happen before. The first iPhone I had was the 3G that I bought on its release date in 2008, and the wi-fi radio failed when it was less than a year old (I don't remember the exact timeframe). The Apple Store replaced it under warranty with a refurbished unit.

    Then, the replacement unit developed some problems including failing to alert when texts came through (similar to the problems I'm having with this iPhone 5 now). It was also covered under warranty. That replacement unit is still in service now, as far as I know (I gave it away).

    Bought the iPhone 4 on its release date in 2010. That phone got run over by a car when it fell out of my lap as I got out of my truck in a parking lot and I didn't realize it. By the time I'd come back to get it, it had been run over. The Apple Store replaced it free, even though I didn't have Apple Care. (They did say it would be $199 plus tax if it happened again.)

    Never had any problems with the replacement, other than the Home button starting to lose some of its sensitivity after about a year in service. I still have my iPhone 4 and it still works great. It's my backup now.

    My concern is that the replacement unit will also develop problems after the warranty has expired.

    Anybody else had problems like this?
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    Went to Apple store and they gave me a new phone.

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