Less Than Week Old - Had to Reset 3 times

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by Johnny Backer, Feb 1, 2008.

  1. Johnny Backer macrumors newbie

    Jan 9, 2008
    I bought an iPod touch last Saturday. I mainly purchased it for using it as a PDA and alerting me in the calender of events. At first I thought I was static'ing it out. Then just recently I set some alerts to go off in the calender to beep. I turn it off by pushing the circle button to take me to the main menu, then the top button quickly to turn off the screen, but keep it in standby. I have had plenty of battery every time mind you.

    So I set these events. And one should have actually have gone off only a few minutes after I turned off (standby) the Touch. I watch the clock, and nothing. I give it a little bit more incase the clock is off from the one I'm looking at.... Nothing. Push the circle button to bring it up. Doesn't turn on. This is now the 3rd time I've had to "reset" my touch after barely a week by holding the top and circle button down for 10 seconds together.

    I upgraded to 1.1.3 early when I purchased so I know at least 1 of these has happened on 1.1.3 and perhaps 2. I've not jailbroke it at all.

    I purchased it and never could find the app bundle to download and pay for it. I even tried and Apples site just lead me in circles instead of being clear what to do. I asked here recently and was told to return my Touch and get a new one.

    I purchased mine 16GB one at Target since I was lucky and got a discount and it only cost me $300 or so. After having these 3 "lockups" I'm fairly certain I'm returning it.

    Would most here all agree or is there something that I don't know about about why these "lockups" are happening? My main purchase for the Touch was for a PDA that I simply need to alert me. Without alerts I have no need to have a 16GB portable player, but it was a nice way of getting both.

    So if I am returning it:

    1. Is there any way to make sure that the new one will have the app bundle already on it?

    2. That it won't have this same problem? (I don't know if this is a common problem that people have reported or if I'm "special"?)

    3. I've already added some events to this Touch that if possible I'd like to salvage and put on the new one. Can somebody tell me how to do that?

    Thanks for any help you can give me.
  2. Solesk macrumors member

    Sep 12, 2007
    i had an issue where safar would continously crash after 10 seconds or less of use. i did a reboot (held the top button in until it asked to power off) and have not had an issue since. i suggest trying that.

    if that doesnt work. try a restore.

    and if that doesnt work, maybe the flash drive is bad or something. i would definetly exchange it.

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