Lessons from 9/11

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    I suppose this is more of a politics topic, but I don't have enough posts to post there. Perhaps it can be moved.

    From a blog posting of mine.

    Five years ago two planes hit two skyscrapers in New York. The first attack on the continental United States in centuries. For the first time, what was happening over there happened over here. In those few minutes, the direction of our country changed. People stopped to think about the safety of themselves and their families. People's thoughts lingered on the exotic places the terrorists were rumored to come from. Many did not know Afghanistan existed. People were scared. Fear wrapped itself around our throats, and slithered through our thoughts. An attack on US soil catalyzed by men on the other side of the world –*inconceivable. Our little lives in our little snowglobe will never be the same, for it has shattered.


    Yet, stubborn and ignorant as we are, moving about in our beautiful country, we have begun to rebuild the snowglobe. The media and the government like to tell us it was a freak accident, a failure on many levels in the CIA and US Government. However, that is only half of a much more sophisticated problem. Our response was weak, but what were we responding to? Men decided to attack us, and decided to attack us for a reason. Were they insane lunatics? They were willing to sacrifice their own lives in order to destroy thousands of ours. What generates such intense hatred? Religious propaganda? A genetic tendency towards murder? Some of the men even spent significant amounts of time ingrained into our society, working and interacting with Americans and enjoying "freedom" and "liberty." And still they went forward.

    How are we different from our assailants? We repress our women. Instead of being forced to wear a full-body covering, they are forced to wear almost nothing. Alternative thinking is squelched by a mass mentality, and an overpowering media that blares at us all day. We believe in God, and we believe he is on our side (see "God Bless America"). We are willing to die for our values, and are willing to kill for our values. God speaks to our president (about stem cells). If we take it as a given that "goodness" is defined by a combination of niceness and intelligence, are we actually "better" than they are?

    Yes, we are, but barely. We are sinking into pigpens. Caring is a matter of national security, and in that department we have a nation crisis. Let 2Pac speak for them: They Don't Give a **** About Us. America has already forgotten the lessons of 9/11. Many of us are content to wave our flags, wish our troops well, and hope that everyone who hates us will die. That is not the lesson we should have taken away, christian republic as we are. Instead we have adopted a flawed derivative philosophy of social Darwinism: survival of the fittest nation, our nation vs. their nation. You can't take a reality TV show and slap the name of our country on the buff guy and the Middle East on the skinny nerd.

    We live in a world much bigger than our own country. The bully cannot defeat the mob. Everyone can recognize a jerk. (Rome fell. Hitler fell.) Survival of the individual (nation) depends on the survival of the species. We are social animals. We survive together. We are weak in strength –*any tiger could make a very tasty meal of Lebron James and Peyton Manning. We are not supposed to attack and kill each other. We are simply not designed that way –*or else we should be cannibals, and nearly 100% of us are not. When someone attacks us, another alarm should sound. What did we do to make him so angry? It is just our support of Israel? No. It is much more. America is insulated and introverted. We make no attempt to even respect Islam and Arabic culture – just look how our president pronounces the names of terrorists. He butchers their names (just like George's gym teacher in Seinfeld). It's like we're daring them to bring on their best stuff, which is ridiculously stupid. There is not a dome around our country –*there are only invisible lines we like to call borders, and two oceans on each side. We can't possibly stop them by trying to fix a hole in our bucket, because we aren't a bucket.

    The one thing we can do is convince them that we aren't out there to exploit them or their resources, and instead want the best for the world and humanity. It is simply not true that a majority in the nation care about the world or humanity. Mostly we seek personal fulfillment, personal satisfaction, and personal salvation. But we sometimes we need to look a little farther than ourselves and our country. That is what happened for a brief moment on September 11th, and that is the only way to end the so-called war on terror.
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    This is true of all mankind, not just the United States. All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.

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