Let Apple know they should fix the Stacks/Folders in the Dock!


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Mar 14, 2006
Washington, DC
As many of you know, Apple has broken the "old" folder behavior in the Dock - it is no longer possible to navigate hierarchically organized folders without releasing the mouse.
Furthermore, the Stacks that folders such as Applications get "transformed" into look ugly, and are hard to identify. There is really no reason my Applications folder should look almost like the Address Book application.
The fix should be easy - but we need to start submitting bug reports about this problem!

In order to help, go here:

...submit a bug report, and let Apple know we need Stacks fixed! Example bug report text follows. The more bug reports about this are submitted, the higher the chance this behavior will eventually get fixed!
There are two major problems with the current way Leopard treats stacks/folders in the Dock:

1. There is no way to assign a permanent, easily recognizable icon to a certain stack/folder.
For instance, an Applications folder dragged to the dock displays the Address Book application icon prominently, and Automator icon is visible behind it. However, it is a really, really, really poor representation of Applications folder. Furthermore, this view will change if I were to add other applications to the folder which will alphabetically precede the Address Book.
In all previous OS X versions, a folder dragged to the dock has largely retained its appearance in Finder, making it easy to identify at a glance. This behavior NEEDS to be reinstated in 10.5 .
This is a MAJOR usability issue.

2. It is no longer possible to browse hierarchically organized folders placed in the Dock without opening them in Finder. In previous OS X versions, I could right-click on a hierarchically organized folder in the Dock, and navigate an arbitrary number of file system levels without releasing the mouse button.
It is no longer possible in 10.5.
There is no reason the older behavior should have been removed.


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Sep 18, 2003
London, UK
I've sent feedback about this. There are several others users reporting fury with the lost functionailty that 'stacks' bring on these forums.

Leopard 10.5.0 seems rushed to me. Lets hope 10.5.1 fixes many of these issues.


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Jun 15, 2007
Apple DOES listen, you guys! Bringing back nested folders to the dock should be an easy fix.


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Jun 15, 2007
If you do send in a "bug report" please list it as a "feature request" because it is not a bug.There's a reason it looks this way.
Yes, please do.

I'd also like to add that everyone must avoid sounding like a self-centered whiney prick. That's NOT the way to get attention. :)


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Oct 15, 2007
Already done, let's get that bandwagon rolling! This is not a small issue for a select group of people. Even Arstechnica's thoroughly positive review of leopard was aghast at the havoc that Apple has done to the Leopard Dock.

See proof here:

The more people who bring this up the more likely apple is to change it.
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