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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by Kimcha, Oct 27, 2016.

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    Hey Guys,

    With so much disappointed and negativity I wanted to provide the opposite view.

    Yes, I realize that the new MBP is not the right device for a lot of people, but I want to highlight that for a lot of people it's EXACTLY the right device...

    The Price
    I was shocked by the price of the non-BTO models and expected to pay an arm and leg for my dream combo...

    Turns out, after putting it together it is only US$79 more expensive than the same config on the previous model (Converted from HKD prices)...

    $79 more for touchbar, lighter, smaller, skylake, better iGPU... HELL YES.

    In fact, after I paid, I had to triple check to make sure there wasn't some kind of mistake and I ordered the right thing.

    My model is the 13", 2.9ghz, 16gb ram and 1tb SSD.

    Weight, size and thinness
    This is the biggest benefit I see here... I travel a lot with my MBP and size and weight are very important to me.

    Thinness is not a huge concern and not something I care about, but the way I see it is that it is a side-benefit of it being lighter, which is VERY important to me... If it was thicker, it would probably be heavier too.

    Having a powerful, retina mac that is smaller and the same weight as an MBA... that is AWESOME.

    What they built is PERFECT for me. The only things I plug in regularly are power and my external display.

    Now I can plug both at the same time with just 1 cable. Love it... always hated having to come home and plug in multiple cables...

    Being able to plug them in on either side... LOVE IT...

    I understand many people need to plug in HDDs and other stuff, but I think they are making it a bigger problem than it is. FFS just buy a bunch of $5 micro usb3 to usb-c cables or even the tiny usb3 to usb-c adapters and put them on your old cables.

    I think I will eventually migrate everything I have to USB-c. Buy new usb-c chargers, usb-c HDD cables, usb-c lightning and then keep a bunch of TINY usb-c to usb and usb to usb-c adapters in common locations.

    Not convinced that it will be useful yet, but for an extra $79 with all the other benefits, I really don't care...

    TouchID is cool and I look forward to using apple pay more.

    Don't see it as a problem either. Seems like they thought of all the potential problems like needing F keys, esc and so on.

    The one thing I do look forward to is having a quick access do not disturb button!

    Still skeptical too, but I am pretty sure I will be able to adapt rather quickly.

    Pro vs non-Pro
    I think people's pro identification here on macrumors is silly. Most of the value I generate is done on my MBP and that is how I generate my income. I don't care whether that is pro or not.

    This MBP will allow me to do that in a more comfortable way and I am happy to pay for it.

    It seems like apple designed this MBP for my-kind-of-pro and if it is not your-kind-of-pro, feel free to vote with your wallet.
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    Relentless Power

    Jul 12, 2016
    I think portability and weight was also a selling point, as you stated, if you travel, then this is crucial.

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