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Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by jc0481, Sep 9, 2007.

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    I knew a guy in my old neighborhood. He is a nice guy and owner of a woodworking business where they do their furniture by hand. He knew I was not working and looking for a job. The first time I went to work for him he told me it was a trial basis give it two weeks he said. Which I did. Long story short the production manager was condescending the way he talked to you. he had a lot of doubt in me. Anyways another job hired me last week but again I gave the owner a call again. Seeing if he had a position opened for me he did and told me to come in. The first time it did not work out he came to my house an told me if you ever need a job call me he said. I went in saw my resume and skills on it and job history. The same production manager was there it was awkward to say the least. I asked the owner if he has an open door policy he said oh absolutely it always open. Towards the end the owner walked out and me and the production manager had an interview told me the position what I would be doing. I have no woodworking experience by the way. The owner said that was fine we hire guys like that sometimes. Anyways the production manager said the owner does have an open door policy but to use your chain of command properly before going to the owner. He's too busy to care of the details is what he pretty much said.

    While I waited for the production manager and the owner to talk after I left the room. They were deciding on the decision for half an hour. I talked to one of the workers that has been their seven years. He told me he was ready to quit. He agreed with me on the production manager attitude and told me which was surprising to me. The owner is very two faced he said. I just want to get an opinion on what you guys think.

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    You could use some punctuation. ;)

    I'd say that it sounds like any other place and the only real decision is how committed you want to be to learning a new job. Learn everything you can and do your best.
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    USA! USA!
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    Yeah I know punctuation. Its late and very tired not that important to me. Its true about learning a new job but just did not feel comfortable with it. :)
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    Well, what about the other job? Do you think the supervisors there will treat you any better?
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    So we're supposed to take our time caring about you when you don't care about us? :rolleyes: Nice.

    It sounds like you have a good friend in this owner, but a bad work environment. It happens. I don't see why you would go to work there, at least not while this manager would be your boss. Particularly not when you have another position available to you.

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