lets analyze the whole pmg5 thingy...


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Aug 12, 2004
well sorry for the crappy title but this roller coaster of powermac g5 rumors is getting to funky for anyone's good. Lets look at the facts

Four processor support for the developer Chud tools was shown, but also take into mind that it was taken off oh so quickly.

Second though think secret has been accurate on a lot of things before we can see that their not exactly sure whats going on. First they say that its going to reach 3.0 ghz, then they say they got a highyl reliabe source sayings its gone down to 2.7 . Now there saying that its not even dual core and all those neat enchancements wont be added (pci express). Can we even rely on them at this point.

In terms of hardware i dont think were going to see something huge at nab not at all. As for wwdc something is going on there. Steve already let tiger out (which is already used up of its pre realease pr.). Then we have the mac mini that was realeased early along with the shuffe. So right now in my person opinion were looking at a big revisionon the proline since the budget line is taken care of. With the new release of fcp5 i think apple will try to drain all they can from the current powermac g5s until the new software's sales dip till. Then bang new powermacs!!!!1


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Jul 20, 2003
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It is true that ThinkSecret has been getting less and less accurate. Ever since their prediction of color iPod minis failed to materialize, they have been a little "off". Not completely wrong usually--just missing some details. I'm hoping this will continue to hold true. Hopefully the PowerMac updates won't be as pathetic as they are predicting now. I'm not expecting anything completely out of line with what they claim, but I do believe there will be a few extras that they didn't predict.

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May 19, 2002
IBM has a big difference between samples comping out of the lab, high speed cherry-picked chips off the assembly line and what they actually are able to churn out in volume.

The always have... and so did Motorola.

They may have some PPC970FXs that test out at 3.0-4.0GHz coming off the floor right now.

But not any number that can be called production numbers.

They might be enough for developers to ship out to "special" customers, but not the public at large.

The GXs and MPs may have been fine when they were being run through the lab and the low volume production, but IBM may have once again run into a wall during ramping.

The new machines would also likely depend on the new process used by the 970GX/MP, since the goal was to keep the Memory Controller tied closely to the CPU production.

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Mar 5, 2005
I'm sorry, but this topic has been done TO DEATH!
try here
Lets all stop worrying about it, be happy with the current machines (as thay are getting cheaper all the time), and let Apple suprise us when they do release it!


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Aug 12, 2004
just like anohter poster said maybe the whole settlement against think secret from apple was leeking false from TS as form of marketing. It could be possible considering not everyting about the settlement has been disclosed.
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