Let's Build the Definite List of Apple Keynotes!

Discussion in 'Apple, Inc and Tech Industry' started by michaelzoradi, Jul 16, 2009.

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    Here's what I've got so far. Please feel free to add any events I'm missing or make corrections. Eventually we should fill in what was announced or any other interesting info for each event.


    Apple Keynote/1984 Comm. (Sometime in 1983?)
    Macintosh Intro (January 24, 1984)


    Macworld, Boston (August 6)


    Seybold, New York (March 17)
    Apple Back On Track (May 6)
    WWDC (May 11)
    Macworld, New York (July 8)


    Macworld, San Francisco (January 7)
    Macworld, Tokyo (February 21)
    WWDC (May 10)
    Macworld, New York (July 21)
    Seybold, San Francisco (August 31)
    Special Event (October 5)
    Quicktime Live (November 7)


    Macworld, San Francisco (January 5)
    Macworld, New York (July 19)
    Apple Expo, Paris (September 13)


    Macworld, San Francisco (January 9)
    Macworld, Tokyo (February 22)
    iBook Intro (May 1)
    Streaming Media Event (June 21)
    Macworld, New York (July 18)
    Seybold, San Francisco (September 25)
    iPod Intro (October 23)


    Macworld, San Francisco (January 8)
    Power of "X" (January 10)
    Quicktime Live (February 12)
    WWDC: Death of Mac OS 9 (May 6)
    WWDC: XServe Intro (May 14)
    Macworld, New York (July 16)
    Apple Expo, Paris (September 10)
    Seybold, San Francisco (September 10)


    Macworld, San Francisco (January 7)
    Power of "X" (January 8)
    NAB (April 7)
    iTunes Music Store Intro (April 28)
    WWDC (June 23)
    Quicktime State of the Union (June 27)
    Apple Expo, Paris (September 16)
    iTunes for Windows (October 16)


    Macworld, San Francisco (January 6)
    NAB? (Unknown Date)
    Apple Expo, London (June 15)
    Quicktime State of the Union (June 28)
    WWDC (June 28)
    Apple Expo, Paris (August 31)
    Special Music Event (October 26)


    Macworld, San Francisco (January 11)
    NAB? (Unknown Date)
    WWDC (June 6)
    Special Music Event, iPod Nano (September 7)
    Special Music Event, iPod Video (October 12)
    PowerMac G5 Quad Event, East Coast? (Unknown Date)


    Macworld, San Francisco (January 10)
    Apple Special Event (February 28)
    NAB? (Unknown Date)
    WWDC (Sometime in mid-August?)
    It's Showtime! (September 12)


    Macworld, San Francisco (January 9)
    Was there a March Notebook Event this Year??
    NAB? (Unknown Date, sometime in April)
    WWDC (Sometime in June)
    Special Event? (Summer)
    The Beat Goes On (September 5)


    Macworld, San Francisco (January 16)
    iPhone Software Roadmap (March 6)
    WWDC (June 9)
    Let's Rock! (September 9)
    Spotlight Turns to Notebooks (October 14)


    Macworld, San Francisco (January 6)
    iPhone OS 3.0 Software Sneak Peek (March 17)
    WWDC (June 9)
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    Ivan P

    Jan 17, 2008
    The 2007 Music keynote was called "The Beat Goes On" and was held early September :)
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    Awesome! Updated!
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    I also believe that the iMac was updated in 2007 along with the introduction of Numbers. I'm not for certain that it was an "event" though.
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    Jul 25, 2011
    I'm reading Walter Isaacson's Steve Jobs and there is Macworld mentioned "right at the beginning of January" in 1997 at the San Francisco Marriot. With Gil Amelio speaking, then Jobs and in the end even Woz comes on the stage.
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    We should continue this list. Kudos to the OP.

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