Let's find a solution- AEBS transfer rates slow

Discussion in 'iMac' started by sahni130, Jan 29, 2014.

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    Jun 25, 2008
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    So I was not sure where to place this thread. I recently purchased a WD MyBook USB 3.0 external HDD that I've connected to my AEBS and I've been using it for data storage and Time Machine backups. Using disk speed test, I'm averaging around 8-9 MBps, which translates to what, 72mbps, which seems about normal considering the max connect rate to the router is 130Mbps? That's the transmission rate I used to achieve with a portable 5400rpm drive in a 3.0 enclosure connected to the same router. So on the WD drive I'm seeing the same transfer rates in the disk speed test and around 1.5MBps on during TM backups. I've seen similar threads like this in the past but a solution was never found. My AEBS is the first generation of the wi-fi N standard. I attached the older drive again, and now, it too is showing the same symptoms. I connected to the router with a ethernet cable, and still the same results. What do I do?
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    I would just connect the Hard Drive to your mac to use TimeMachine and share it as a network drive if that is what you're willing to do.
    Probably just a TimeMachine bug...

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