Let's Save iDisk...!

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    Apple has announced that end of June, they will be discontinuing iDisk, Gallery, and iWeb. I personally really don't care about the Gallery or iWeb. But iDisk is something I use, whether it's for business or personal. it's really easy, convenient and just works. It's also built into the OS and can you easily drag and drop files in and out. Tim has said if enough users are able to provide enough interest, he will include iDisk in iCloud.

    I have spoken to a lot of people and everyone is upset about iDisk. So I did my research and was able to find tim cook's email.

    I have already expressed my feeling with Mr. Cook and I would love for everyone else to share there feeling about this who cares. Let's spread the word..and Save iDisk!

    Tim's email: Tim's Email


    Who's with me...!? We ONLY have 3 months left.. before iDisk and MobileMe is gone..!
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    iCloud in 10.8

    You should look at iCloud in OS 10.8, it's built into the finder, check out this article...
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