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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by moonman239, Mar 9, 2015.

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    You're talking cock.

    Free RAM values are irrelevant, only RAM pressure is relevant.

    Free RAM is wasted RAM. Peak efficiency is when free RAM is almost zero, because it's ideal to have as much RAM as possible to be compressed and/or cached.
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    May 3, 2012
    I cant wait to hear your report on the touch pad and performance from the spec bump. I want to order within the next week. Actually, I did not see the Tim show and was going to look at ordering the 12" until I saw what it was. I also have looked at the new Dell 13" but I tell you just that website of theirs turned me off and I have read the trackpad still sucks.

    I currently have the Late 2013 13" rMBP with 8GB RAM running Parallels and a mandatory work software program has maxed me out on RAM. Also, I like to move my laptops before the battery starts to age (while I can still get a fair price selling on CL) Let us know how you like the new computer!


    Slip into Detroit, we have several Apple stores that will save you a few hundred. Ok, the stores are not IN Detroit, in the suburbs...:D
  3. rekhyt, Mar 10, 2015
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    Technically yes, practically no.

    It's going to be a 14".

    Currency fluctuations in the exchange rate. Complain to your national central bank, not Apple.

    Apple is returning to the traditional two distinctions between the Air and the Pro (or, as it is now, the MacBook and the MacBook Pro).

    The 13" MacBook Pro was never meant to be a 'Pro'. It was for the 15" and 17". It used to be just called the "MacBook Aluminium", before shifting it to becoming just the "MacBook" when the "MacBook White" was phased out.

    In the future, it'll just be: MacBook(/Air) 12", and the MacBook Pro 14". Two models.

    A proper nVidia Maxwell-based discrete graphics card to support a new display in the 14" MacBook Pro, and in addition, do proper Retina-level performance without any UI lag.

    There will be a dGPU in the 14" MacBook Pro.

    Apple technically can do a thinner 14" MacBook Pro by dropping Thunderbolt 3. I'm sure they're going to repurpose the USB 3 Type-C port for T.B. 3 purposes.
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    Is the SSD 2 X faster than even the MBP 15" models? Or are they now the same?
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    Did not know that. Thanks!

    I started seeing DDR4 on the PC side of things last year with workstations and the x99 chipsets so thought we were there already.
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    I am going to get the 13" macbook pro as soon as it gets to europe
    but I am still concerned .. I will have to pay 1700€ for the version with 256gb SSD :/

    Originally I was planning to get the 16gb ram upgrade but now it is another 250€ which is waaaay overpriced and over the value that I am willing to spend on a computer

    the increased ssd speeds are going to be awesome ! It is going to double the read and write performance of the 15" brother.
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    Am I missing something in the store? I can't find port specs for the MBPs

    Do I have this right - the 12" is the new slim, light one listed under MB, no fan and very limited ports (one?).

    The 13" are the same form factor as before and are listed under the MBP section? I just want to confirm the ports on the 13's
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    I'm hoping for the 2015 15" rMBP they update the graphics & CPU, faster memory, include the fancy new trackpad, and LEAVE THE PORTS ALONE.

    Apple's obsession with thinness is getting out of control.
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    If you really want a lot of power and to be able to swap parts around, you're generally going to buy a desktop unless you're an idiot. Any serious Final Cut X work is going to ether be done on an iMac (where you can upgrade the CPU, RAM and HDD/SSD) or a Mac Pro (where you also get to swap the GPU's).

    I've personally never heard of any professional video production environment that has tried using laptops for anything other than making low quality rough cuts on the go. It's ether iMacs, Mac Pro's or PC equivalents to the Mac Pro. Mind you, I personally have family that works in both in professional TV and film production.

    I doubt they're going to do anything about the ports the same way they didn't do anything to the 13" model other than upgrade the CPU, GPU and trackpad. What they did was really just to release a new model under an old moniker.
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    Mar 10, 2015
    I do have a question about the new 13" rMBP, if you guys can enlighten me. If I understood things right, the reason (one of them) for them not updating the 15" model is because there is no i7 Broadwell yet. But when I choose the updated 13" model, I can config it up to an i7 processor.

    It reads
    Now, when they say "fifth-generation dual-core Intel Core i5 or i7 processor", do they mean:

    • (fifth-generation dual-core Intel Core i5) or (i7 processor)
    • (fifth-generation dual-core Intel Core) (i5 or i7 processor)

    In other words: is the i7 configuration Broadwell as well, or only the i5? (Clearly not a processor expert here, haha)
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    May 3, 2012
    You are correct. The new little Macpad is all by itself. The 13" Macbook Pro Retina adds a 5 gen (new processor) a little faster, with better integrated graphics and a slight increase in battery life, it also gets the new non-hinged touchpad (Trackpad) I hope that helped!
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    It's because there are no Quad Core broadwell processors available. The 15" is a quad core only machine, so they won't put a dual core part in it.
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    What absolute rubbish.
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    Feb 1, 2015
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    Can someone explain me the increased SSD speeds? Is it the SSD itself or connection standard?
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    Thanks CT! Battery life is a huge increase from my 2008 unibody :)

    So it looks like you get to pick your poison if you have budget constraints RAM or hard drive size. I finally found the port specs, they are way down on the main page, not in the individual pages where I was looking. So the SD port is still there, which means I can get a smaller hard drive than I have now and put an SD card in there for work files.

    Not being able to upgrade RAM really brings me back to Mac Plus days!
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    Where Apple gets you on the 13" MBP models is storage. An i7 isn't bad for the price, neither is going to 16GB of RAM. However, if you want 512GB or a TB of storage... you will be nearing the 3K mark with AppleCare.

    Of course, the lack of a Kensington lock slot is probably one of my biggest peeves, since this can mean the difference between having a laptop when coming back from a restroom break versus having to make an insurance claim. Apple is such an innovative company, maybe they should make their own slot... perhaps use some form of mechanism that goes inside the audio jack and expands, effectively locking it, since even the new MacBook with the USB 3.1 port has an audio jack.
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    That dual core i7 is Broadwell-U.

    What we meant was that Broadwelll-HQ (quad core i7s) aren't available for the 15" yet.
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    I would love to get a MBPr for college in the fall, but it seems a bit odd that they did not add a USB C port or the "new" retina screen that used 30% less battery power. Does anybody think they will update it again before August, or is that ridiculous thinking?

    The 12" has one USB C port and a headphone jack. The 13" MBP has all of the same ports that it had before.
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    May 3, 2012
    I really feel you should go with 16GB of RAM the base processor and 256GB HD if you're on a budget. Unless you collect movies or have insane amounts of music or photos stored on your computer 256 should be ok for most people. Apple is very unreasonable with the amount they charge to move from 256 to 512. I would also caution you not to keep important information on the SD card you want to use. Since it sticks out of the computer it is easy to catch and break it on something. also someone passing by can make your info theirs real quick! I'm going to order it with 16GB as only upgrade in about 3 weeks. I have to have one of our engineers reinstall a work program on the Windows side when we meet up at a trade show in Vegas. Good luck!
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    I think I may wait a bit and see the reports from the field ;) Plus maybe a refurb will show up

    Thanks for the tip on the SD card, I had no idea they stick out. I was hoping it was something that could stay in but I guess not.
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    Has the shell changed any?

    I usually do my own upgrades and by the time I pick one of these up prices should have fallen further on SSD--but if its going to require a hazmat suit to get into I'll have to save more for the mem/ssd size.
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    This is not entirely true - there are companies that make small SDXC cards cattered to Macbook users, and their cards do not stick out as you're probably picturing.

    One example: http://www.amazon.com/Transcend-Jet...qid=1426096039&sr=1-1&keywords=128gb+sdxc+jet

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    Bull. ****. I run Yosemite completely flawless on my 2011 MBA with 2GB of RAM. It's not much left to run heavy programs, but then again, it's an MBA from 2011(!)

    The only hiccup always get is when i'm changing the volume on any of the keys, it takes a good 1,5 seconds before the volume indicator shows on screen. That's it.

    Talking out of my own experiences, however I know some of my friends got problems with their MBAs after Mountain Lion. I guess it's all about how you "treat" your computer.
  25. diane143, Mar 11, 2015
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