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Sep 24, 2011
What is your dream phone? Here's mine:


-4.8 inch screen
-1080p display, usable with gloves and such
-Case style like ipad mini
-Notification light
-optional high capacity battery (say like 3000mah vs the 1440ish or whatever is there now)
-Larger camera sensor size, sticking with 8mp
-sd card slot


-Free reign of icon density and placement
-Downloadable themes in app store
-Just way more customization in general

What's your ideal iphone? Whatever it is, I hope apple at least gives consumers a CHOICE.


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Jan 12, 2023
Let's see...

4.8 inch display... check!
1080p... check!
iPad mini-like flap cases... if you look hard enough, check!
Notification light... no.
Optional better battery... technically check, with the Plus/Max options.
Larger camera sensors... check!
SD cards... unfortunately no.
Widgets... check!
Free icons... no.
Themes... no.
Way more customization... no.

6 out of 11 dreams were answered. Not bad, that's just about passing in a few schools. Still... this may be an example of how some requests from over a decade ago have yet to been honored.
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