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May 16, 2012
Hey guys, there will be less than a month till the 12' WWDC, lets share something we desired and what may Apple launched about the new iOS together.

The article is long, let's make an short content for that:

1-iSetting and notifications;
3-active iCons could show notifications for any apps;
4-whole new 3D iMaps;
5-an enhanced Siri;
6-Network which could enable background for any apps;
7-Safari with omnibars, Top Sites, gestures, a better file experiences, more powerful performances, and extensions;
8-Some new function about Camera;
9-Performance Enhancements like OpenCL and GCD;
10-Keyboards and other awesome feature like MultiUsers, a smart touchscreen, And also something about the App Store.

And now there is maybe some thoughts about the merging in #19.

As Apple launched the DP of the mountain lion, we can clearly infer what Apple doing: they are connecting all of their product--Macs, iPhones, iPads, maybe TVs later--together. When Apple launches iCloud, this is obviously that people using more Apple devices will enjoy great user experiences. (Actually we can treat this as an Appleish Marketing program but it is great for most users.)

Try to be similar to the apple keynote style, we can concluding the updates of iOS 6 as 10 key feature followed(Of course they are unrealized features thought by myself and obviously it is too long to keep these things in only one post):

I. iSetting

Before we talking about this feature, let's share a several problem we've met in using:

You are an iPad user, you have playing some kind of piano apps such as the GarageBand and magic piano, or you may enjoying the rhythm game like jukebeat, or you are playing the Fruit Ninja, you may noticed that these apps are all requiring multi fingers, so you have to turn off the multitouch gesture.

How to close it?

Apple gave us a "simple" way--go to the home screen, then tap "Settings", then tap "general", then find the "multitasking gesture", then turn it off, then open the multitasking bar, then find your Games or GarageBand, then playing it. I wonder that if there is anybody calling this "simple". If there is, let's do a calculation:

You may pinch or press home button to home screen--that's 0-2s, then find the setting app in your home screen--that's 2-3s, without your Setting apps may open with a little lag, without your Setting app in any folder, without you have tapping miss, without you have tap wrong apps and then back to the home screen again.(if there is any, you may cost 1-10 seconds more)
And then, you may find the general bar and then scroll down to get the switcher-- that's 2s. And then double click the home button, get the multitasking bar, back to the apps--that's 2-3s.

Add them together, you'll found that this "simple" way will cost you more than 5-40 seconds! The current solution is great, but it is just wasting time.

Obviously, The switcher for settings had been a huge problem of iOS User Experience.

We need a faster way.

This may be familiar to android users, but actually it is. The switchers in the NC will be one of the best solutions.

Someone may thought of the status bar in the OS X, we can turn off the wifi, checking the battery status, but there is two problem:

First, the status bar of iOS just too narrow to touch, you may tap and open an app below the status bar, and then--you have to close it. This works on Macintosh because it is pointed by that mouse. If you can touch the switcher exactly on the status bar, congratulation, you can enjoy the thinnest fingers in the world.
Second problem, if you are using an iPhone, you may found the switcher may cover the home screen, and then it's better to put the setting switcher in the NC rather than anywhere. (actually there may have, I haven't think something else better, but we can share our awesome thoughts together.)

Apparently, this will be changed as fast as possible. But our question is: how could we put those switchers into that small notification center?

A jailbroken device may using SBSetting in the NC, but actually, it is a little ugly. Is this large cube good looking? There should be something more beautiful and switching more smoothly as the native code writing by Apple themselves. And also, they are too large for the tiny iPhone screen--they may spent more than a half Retina display.

We can call this, iSetting, or iSwitcher, or iSet.

I can put a picture about the most simplest iSetting here, look.


It is large enough to touch it without missing, and you could just taping it to open, type again to off, you can see there could be less space if we can put all that switchers into a notification bar rather than a widget bar.

It is good looking, same style as the switcher in iOS 5, or there may be just buttons, tap to on, tap again to off. User can customize what they want to set in the NC, if there is more switcher than the display could show, just do quickly swiping to show more buttons or switchers.

It needn't waste too much space, because there is only one row for iSetting, same height as a standard 3 lines push notification, and same as the stock widget. But you can tapping on it, just switch. It may let users have a extremely easy experience.

By the way, there is a solution of multitasking toggles for SBS, by using that toggles, you can switch the Multitasking Gesture off, just in app, needn't leave it. And the time is less than 3s. You have more than 20s saved. It may be quicker by using the native code designed by Apple themselves.

There is another problem. When you are using Airplane Mode, when you having a safari app requires network, the iOS may have notice you "Go to 'settings' to turn Airplane Mode off" and if you tap it, you will jump into the "settings" app, it costs a lot of time. Every time I saw this notice, I am wondering "Apple, please finish it by yourself... I really needn't jump out of the apps, so please do that by yourself rather than Users.". Change it into "Turn the Airplane mode off" please, Apple.

So that's iSetting, an beautiful and convenient way to switch the status in iOS.

But we could desire more for that NC in iOS 6. The third party apps should've APIs to show their own widgets in the NC. There may be third party weather apps, to show more informations than the yahoo! weather, may be the real time score of NBA, maybe the pictures sent from messages, maybe video sent from IM, may be the push notification sound could be customized by developers. If so, it is more similar to the DashBoard in OS X. But it's NC for iOS, it can include iSetting, Weather widgets, and push notifications. It will depend on the developer that how awesome could our NC be.

II. Finder


Yes, there is nothing wrong and you are reading about the iOS features. The next I want to talk is Finder, which is from OS X.

Actually, I could say that whenever it take, Finder will finally appear on the iOS, it's just time matters.

Before introducing that concept, let's look into those problems:

Case 1:

I found a PDF document in the web, I want to reading it, I can download it right from safari, if I want to saving it, there maybe Downloads HD. And then, open it in iBooks, if I want to edit it, I may sent it again to the Adobe Acrobat or PDF Expert, and then, sent it to my dropbox app, now there is 4 copies right in my device.(3 if i am using safari to download it)

If that PDF document's size is 30MB, congratulation, I've waste 60 or 90MB space.

This is for only one document. Now Imaging that I have a lot of PDF and other documents, have I need to save more than 2 copies for each documents? Obviously my device haven't such much a space to waste.

Now, How could I Saving that space?

Case 2:

I am using iMovie and GarageBand to editing movies or musics.

If I have a video on my PC, how could I saving it into my iPad without using the iTunes?
If I see an awesome video captured by my friends, my friends don't have installed iTunes, how could I sent it into my iPad?
If I found a soundtrack in PC awesome, how could I drag it into my GarageBand on iPhone?
If there is a picture in desktop computer, how can I insert that picture into my Pages for iPad?
If I captured a photo from my iPhone, how can I share it with my friends without paying cellular data fees? Not everything could just go through the email without wi-fi network.
If I finished a doc from my iPad, how can I share it with my colleague quickly?

Case 3:

I have Dropbox and Microsoft Skydrive, how can I upload a PDF book from iBooks to my Skydrive?
How can I add attachments directly in my mail apps?
I have Google drive, how can I add docs to cloud if I am using the web apps?
How can I add files through IMs from other apps if I want to sent them?
How can I upload any files of my documents to my web services?

There is a strictly sandbox enables iOS being extremely security. This sandbox blocks each app alone, there is no file can break that sandbox and do harm to our device.

But the problem is: it isn't so easy that everyone could understand it. Instead, most customers are complaining the difficulty they faced with to send file into their iOS devices by using the iTunes.

It may be security, but it actually waste time.

In OS X, if Pages need a picture, drag it directly.but what about iOS?

There need a change.

Well, this problem is as difficult as the multitasking problem--

It is a difficult problem for iOS to reach the balance between power saving and multitasking. Apple gave us a solution in iOS 4, saving battery life, if there is anything have to notice, just push it. This isn't as "real" multitasking as Windows, but it is a good solution. It reached that balance.

We have to find same things for the file management for iOS. Try to make the file problem solved with same security. Let the file shared with no security loss, no piracy problem.

How to solve it?

From the Lion and the Mountain Lion, we can clearly see there are many thing directly from iOS were taken "back to Mac". Is there any awesome feature could apple take to iOS from Mac?

Of course there is, we may call it Finder for iOS.

Maybe you have already know iFile for jailbroken iDevice, may you are using iFiles in App Store, but the Finder for iOS here not only an explorer.

It is totally a new system.

If that is a little hard, please read this picture--


We should know how iOS manage files in apps currently--
Every app were blocked in a sandbox, any file in those apps couldn't get across that sandbox. This enables security. Now what we have to do is to break this wall, let those files we desired become free--but still security.

Currently, the files were blocked in each sandbox, so we can just make only one sandbox. That's Finder for iOS. It is more likely a whole new API for any apps.

Finder for iOS could save your files in a larger space, any type of file(.doc, .pdf, .pages, .txt, .ePub, .mp3, .jpg and more) could saving in it, we can set whatever apps we like to open each type of files. Apple can rules that any executable code and script could never saved in Finder to enable file security, and these files should be easily to sharing with others or upload/download between different devices.

The system files still blocked and user-unvisible, but the user files could be open in multiple apps, and just one copy. If there is any important game data or protected files, developers could store these important files in their apps, and put other user visible files into Finder.

As the case 1 we just mentioned, now the solution is:
I can download a PDF document directly from safari, and stored it in finder. Then whatever apps I want to use (iBooks or adobe reader), there is no need to sent more copy to more apps. And if I want to upload it to my Dropbox, I can directly open my Dropbox and upload it from Finder, no more copies.

So now we have less space wasted and same security. And it actually matters a little for users. User will found their space saved and the operating still easy to know(even easier than before).

If Apple does, we may have more way to access the files: Bluetooth, wifi, USB, even FTP, even, NFC in later. Not only sent an Email, but more convenient and faster way to sharing files with others. Maybe we can integrate iCloud with Finder, and all of our devices could access a same Finder app, any changes could be sync over the cloud.

PS: Also there could be Airdrop for iOS, iPhone can directly send files to other iPhones, iPads, even Macs via wifi, Bluetooth, or NFC. That speed is incredible, compared to the cellular data speed in the US.

And if there is any purchased music download from iTunes music store, it needn't saved in Finder but just being protected in other place to avoid the piracy problem.

Now we can solve the case 2 we just mentioned:
I captured a photo, and I found this is awesome, and I want to share with friends, now, I can directly sent it to my friend's iPhone, in a fast and convenient way.
I found a movie in my friend's PC, I haven't taken my dock connector, and there is no iTunes, but I can built an FTP server on my iPad, and then drag it directly from my friend's PC.
When I finish a document, I could sent it to my colleague instantly via the Airdrop.

That is awesome, in my thought, maybe there isn't Finder in iOS 6, but there will be a Finder for iOS one day.

If there is a Finder for iOS, iOS will become completely PC-free, it will become a full-feature computing device.

So, conclusion:
1, Finder is an app saving your document, which can be opened in any apps, apps and Finder are separated between sandbox;
2, There is no need to sent copies to different apps, saving much space;
3, Still high-security;
4, Could be accessed in almost every ways, such as AirDrop(Bluetooth, Wifi, FTP, NFC), USB, even iCloud, to sharing files between different devices(iPhone, iPad, iPod, Macs, PCs, maybe iTVs later);
5, It is an API for developers, they can add it directly and save the important protected data still in app's sandbox;
6, Very easy to use, users still needn't care much about it;
7, It is totally PC-free.

By the way, how to solve the case 3? We'll talk that in later sections.

III.iCons--- Active Icons

We may call that iCons. That's a bit Appleish.

There are 4 problems you may found:

1: There is a weather app, I want to check the temperature, but I have to open the app. What if I don't want to open the weather app?(you know the native weather app's icon is always 23 degree)

2: There is a calendar app, I want to see my calendar, I want a simple view from the icons, so I can save time from open the apps, how can I do that? (the native calendar app had that feature to show the current date, so that's not so difficult actually.) And same as weather apps, native clock app's clock always stopped.

3: There is a message from my MSN friends, maybe I can open the apps to read it, but if there is a flashing of the contacts photo on the messager icons, I can know more thing about the massage, even decide whether open the app to reply.

4: You are enjoy watching a NBA game, you want to know the realtime score over the home screen, but now you can only open the app to get the information. Well... A little bit troublesome.

Well, all we need is just to open the API to developers, and allow developers display information right on home screen, that may save a lot of time from open the apps.

You may thought the metro UI in windows 8 and wp7, yes, that's live tile, and can be always updated, but that costs power. A power efficiency way is leave these things to the push notifications, so that when there is a push notifications, it can not only in notification center, but also displayed on the app's icon.

If Apple do so, the iOS UI may not change a lot, but the iCons will bring many good user experiences into iOS. iOS will be more beautiful.

IV. iMaps

This is well-known since Apple purchased C3 Technologies, now they had an extremely awesome 3D maps, and their 3D model are far better than Google's, iOS 6 surely will have it.


And with apple's help, now the iMaps will be able to get more cities 3D model, making a better maps. Well this iMap really looks so cool. Hope to get it!

V. Siri

Siri? Everyone knows her! She can do a lot for you as an assistant. But as a smartphone, her functionality were heavily limited. Could we desire more for SIRI? Yes, of course! If Apple wants her to be a whole new UI after multitouch, the more API Ps were required.

As the launch of the new iPad, we found there is no siri, just a voice dictation, and Siri in 4s could just do a little things for users, it can't capture picture, it can't power off or lock the screen, it can't open apps for us. Yes, Siri is just a beta right now, Apple have testing many new features, what will Apple bring us about voice assistant in iOS 6? May there is more language support, more device support, more service support, more APIs support, whatever it is, it's worth expecting.

VI. Network

Why this? Have you download anything through your iOS device? What if you back to home screen and then found the download paused? The only way is to stay in that downloading app, waiting for the download finish, you can't do anything else. Well this is not good. Is there any solution?

We can just download apps from app store whatever we do, we can downloading apps even in lock screen, why couldn't other apps? We can do the same as the app store, downloading from background, even lock screen, we can just leave that app, do something else. But when jump out from other apps, just keep the connection and leave other things away, that would saving resources.

Now the 1st part is over, later will be 2nd part.
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May 16, 2012
2nd part of talking

VII. Safari

Safari is one of the core apps in the iOS. It updates with every iOS version. Last time in iOS 5, we had reading list, iCloud syncing, and tabs for iPad, these are awesome feature, but we're happy to see more feature on it.

Maybe the next update could include these things followed:

1. There is an omnibar for desktop safari 5.2, we had know that there isn't one for iOS 5.1, so it may be a new feature for iOS 6, if there is just one bar for both search and address, it will be easier.

2. The top sites for Safari desktop is beautiful, and everytime we don't want to view a empty tab when we open the Safari iOS, we should able to set our top sites just as the desktop.

3. Now we have some gesture for Safari iOS, like pinch, double tap, swiping, but we could have more gestures--swiping to switch the tabs or go back/forward, close a tab with multiple finger gestures, it can be more convenient.

4. The performance could be improved when we have better hardware--we can bring GPU acceleration for iOS to highly improve the speed, just as the OpenCL in OS X, and bring more powerful JavaScript engine, we could browsing faster.

5. As we just mentioned Finder for iOS, it maybe awesome to intergrate it with Safari iOS. First time, Safari will have upload feature. We can directly upload something to Dropbox without any apps. We will have a better experiences when we can upload from our iPad or iPhone.

6. Extensions for Safari iOS, it could be a new category in App Store, of course Apple could control the quality of the extensions, only safe and smoothly extensions could stay in the App Store, but there will be more feature. As a Firefox user, I enjoy the Adblock plus a lot, if it could be on safari iOS, it would be awesome. Actually there is Adblock for safari desktop. Also, we could pay for the extensions. Original iPhone haven't third party apps, but with the effort of developers in the world, now we have more than 500k features for iOS. This also works on Safari. Let the developers make safari better.

VIII. Camera

When apple launch the iPhone 4s, a selling point is the fast capture speed, but after Google I/O a few days later, Ice cream sandwich have got the fastest capture speed and facial unlock.

So how will Apple bring that facial unlock into iOS? As Apple style, it should be worked automatically, so now we can easily imagine it--we may have a same lock screen looks like before, but now it can automatically detect your face and when you holding your device front of your face, it detect your face and waked up directly. This could be an Apple-style thing. If camera could be that smart, the iOS could be better.

People may not feeling the design when they are using a well-designed product. Apple should show their features and then tell us "it's that easy". So that's just an Apple-style design.

Also the camera app could be better, we could have more things to set, we could have more ways to share it, In a word, a smart camera in iOS 6 should be with following feature--

1. Faster capture speed;
2. Facial unlock;
3. A better photo editing feature;
4. Able to reduce the photo and video quality if desired;
5. Integrate with Finder, we could share photo via multiple ways like AirDrop, NFC.
6. We can do some gestures in front of its facing camera, just like Kinect.

IX. Performance

iOS has a great performance, how can we improve it to a new level?

As we know, there used to be an argue about the iOS kernel, between Linux and OS X, we all know that the winner is OS X supported by Scott Forstall. And that's obviously great--now iOS and OS X could continuously bring awesome feature from each other, and the code of apps in OS X could run on iOS when developers needn't rewrite too many code.

We should know one thing that iOS were born with powerful and stable performance from OS X, there is awesome feature in its DNA--such as core animation, cocoa, grand central dispatch. These powerful feature were from Apple's 30-year experience during making computer, and powerful NeXTSTEP operating system from Steve Jobs' NeXT.

BTW, Microsoft could also do these things, from their experiences, to bring their Windows Phone more powerful feature, such as the NT kernel rumored on Windows Phone 8, and windows 8 on tablet, both Apple and Microsoft could integrate their platforms together via cloud services, which could be a little hard for Google, who haven't desktop platform.

We are little surprising for the hardware for iPad 3's hardware update, why there is a doubled GPU without any improvement on CPU?

That improvement is similar to the update on iPhone 4, which CPU just add frequency, GPU not changed and 4X more resolution.

Well, there maybe 2 reasons, one, cortex-A15 haven't ready yet, Apple are waiting for its appliance, and A6 processor will definitely be Cortex-A15 Architecture, and we know there is a doubled performance between A15 and A9, (just see the difference between Snapdragon S4 on One S with Tegra on One X, you can imagine what a powerful performance A15 has.)
Another, Apple will do something through a powerful GPU, but how?

Let's back to Jan 27 2010 to see what Steve had said about iPad--
"This device could do these seven things way better than smartphone, way better than Laptops: Browsing the web, reading eBooks, playing Music, viewing Photos, Playing Games, sending Emails, watching Videos."

Now after 2 years later, we could add on more than 200000 features on it, but look, what is required on hardware if iPad should do these things better than any other devices?

Let's check:
Browsing--CPUs, Network;
Photos--CPUs, GPUs;
Games--CPUs, GPUs;
Videos--CPUs, GPUs.

Now there is more applications, but most of them requires a faster CPU, maybe there needs a faster GPU for games, but actually there are only less than 20% games in App Store. Why did Apple only improve that GPU to an ultimate level without the CPU?

For resolution? No, not only for that, compared with the 1st generation iPad, there is only 4x resolution to process, while there is 18x graphics performance than the SGX535, So that couldn't be the only reason.

Saving power? No, and in fact, most of power are wasted in Retina Display and that LTE baseband. A5X maybe a little heating, but actually, It cost much less power than the two things above. Compared with A4, A5 has 2x faster in CPU, and 9x faster in GPU, but a same size battery can maintain same battery life, that couldn't show that Apple's engineer are genius to saving power(by some means they are), but only the Soc chip didn't spend too much power.

So how Apple may use that GPU and multi-core CPU? Apple have already tell us by Snow Leopard--OpenCL and Grand Central Dispatch.

OpenCL could let applications running on a general computing architecture, accelerating the performance. Grand Central Dispatch is for multi-core performance, let the apps runs more efficiently on dual core or quad core processor.

Now, there is a incredible calculating speed inside Desktop GPUs(AMD Radeon HD 7970 could run at 3.8 Teraflops), which is 100x faster than Desktop CPUs. If using OpenCL, every application in App Store could using these powerful calculating resource. Look, since iPhone 3Gs, the GPU inside iDevice is always the No.1 in mobile industry.

There is rumor that developers could test the GCD codes since 2010, well, all of the iDevice are single core that time! Apple prepare for that.

How is the performance of OpenCL? In OS X, an Nvidia GeForce 8800 GT could accelerate the MPEG-2 coding speed from 104fps to 150fps, wow, a 50% plus.

This could explain why there is only a doubled GPU rather than CPU inside the A5X processor.

OpenCL and GCD were launched 3 years ago, limited by the hardware level, these technologies haven't applied yet. But now, the current hardware is more than 10-100 times faster than original iPhone, so the chance are ready, it depends on Apple to using these awesome things.

One more thing: 64-bit. It depends on the ARM ecosystems. ARM will launch arm-v8 instruction set in 3-5 years. That's 64-bit architecture. So that may be new feature after iOS 8.

X. Keyboard and some other feature desired

1. Keyboard. Ho to typing faster on the iOS? The native keyboard is great, but we could have better one. We had seen a lot awesome input method on Android and Cydia, like swype, it is just swiping fingers on every letters, and it is very fast. There is a fast way for scrolling on keyboard to choose texts which called SwipeSelection, that is awesome. Maybe Apple have some awesome thoughts, but if there is a platform to allow more incredible thoughts from the whole world, the iOS may be more better. Such as the t9 input for iPhone, the 5-row keyboard. This will make iOS a whole new level.


Same as the Safari Extensions, Apple could add a category for keyboard in App Store, The rules could be strict for developers to stop personal information stealing, and the UIs could be controlled by Apple to avoid mess.

The best solution is not "Apple should develop a better keyboard", but "Apple should give developers chances to help Apple develop a better keyboard". Not only let them stay in Cydia or just concepts, but give them chances.

Also there should be better control experiences of Bluetooth keyboard--if there is a keyboard, I would control it totally using the keyboard, rather than touch it, maybe I can using the keyboard to choose the apps I want to open, not only to touch it. This will be more convenient.

2. MultiUsers. Yes, there is a password in iOS, but it is actually a little bit inconvenient. It limits yourself. May we could set multi users in one device(especially iPad), we could using it with facial unlock, it can remember two or more people's face, and set the different visit authority.

Also we can set password or facial unlock to any customized apps, when you are holding your devices, it automatically detect your face, and then you needn't input password. That may be incredible.

3. A smart touchscreen. In MacWorld 2007, Jobs has said that multitouch screen have an advantage of detecting unintended-touch. If your hand holding the phone, the screen should be smart enough to detect that touch is unintended, and didn't react to it. If you are holding the iPad, your thumbs may touch into the screen, a smart multitouch screen should detect it and ignore that touch.

This is a guarantee for non-boundary display, if your hands holding a non-boundary display, it should ignore your unintended touch. Many concepts about the next-Generation iPhone is non-boundary, some of them are ugly, but without a smart touchscreen, it will be too many unintended touch which may cause a big loss.

4. There should be wish list and shop cart for iOS iTunes store(including the app store and iBooks store), I could buy them later.

Well, these are my thoughts about the iOS 6, the next major release of the world's most advanced mobile operating system within one months later.

Have you got any awesome thoughts of iOS 6? Welcome to share them together.


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Jul 17, 2010
They are preparing to get rid of finder in OS X. There is no way they're putting it in iOS at this point.


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May 16, 2012
They are preparing to get rid of finder in OS X. There is no way they're putting it in iOS at this point.

well, this finder for iOS in my thought, isn't same as the one in OS X, iOS doesn't need an full-featured file managing system as Windows and OS X, but to solve those problem, we need a solution, we need AirDrop to easily share files and documents between different devices. we need an native app can enable third-party apps access, now we are wasting space, even there is no need for a file directory, but a way to access files--you know, the file management currently in the iOS is a mess.

there is no sense for bring whole OS X finder into the iOS, but just bring the useful part is OK.


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Mar 13, 2011
I have to agree. The more people use iOS the more you end up with multiple copies and versions of the same file. People are finding workarounds, like QuickOffice's SaveBack feature, but it doesn't completely solve the issue until Apple puts in a native method to handle data de-duplication. It may end up and look like the SaveBack feature, but it doesn't need to be something a third party dev does. It needs to be a native fix.


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Nov 21, 2005
Orlando, Florida
I am hoping desperately that they add the ability to snooze a reminder. If I set my default reminder for fifteen minutes before an event, I want to be able to snooze it and have it go off again in five minutes.

Every other smartphone OS has this, and it's one thing I constantly find that I miss on an iPhone.


Apr 4, 2010
Much like Lion added an All My Files option to finder, I could see iOS add a view like this. Even if a file system in the typical sense is going away--sometimes you just need to see everything (because you might not remember the app you made something with).

Also, 10 features feels like too many to highlight. I think they'll focus on the 6 new features of iOS six

1) Maps
2) Siri enhancements (More internal features, 50% chance of API)
3) Notification center enhancements
4) iCloud enhancements (they'll focus on photos and new apps)
5) Safari enhancements (maybe... I could see omnibar, tab sync, etc)
6) ???? Mystery -- I think there will be at least one cool surprise no one's seriously speculated
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Mar 22, 2010
But why does that mean Finder is going away on the Macs?

Because the trend is moving away from the "computer" and on to the mobile device. The iOS platform may have some adaptation of finder, but I'm sure it will be far from what finder looks like in OSX. Just my two cents.


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Oct 21, 2009

I hope safari adopts the exact same tab switcher as opera has on ios and android. It is so much better than the current new window menu on ios safari as it is just a small overlay. I wish they had regular opera for ios.


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Jun 8, 2009
And the beginning of the revolution of serious computing on the iPad.

Can't Imagine that an iPad will ever have the requisite computing power to match a desktop Mac for computationally intensive work like simulation, but FWIW iOS makes an excellent front end for data acquisition devices. In my field there are many devices that take physical measurements (e.g., sound pressure level), and to get a decent GUI one typically has to buy a proprietary device that charges hundreds of £ just for a crappy minimalist LCD front panel. One could use iOS as the front end and make things so much easier and efficient.

I was looking to buy a sound meter for my lab, which costs thousands if you want a device that displays a sonogram, but then I found an audio measurement app (AudioTools) that can be paired with a calibrated mic via the 30-pin connector. The combine dpackage, even when the front end is a cheap iPod, is amzingly versatile and about 1/4th the cost of a dedicated piece of hardware. And the software upgrades easily via iTunes....


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Mar 16, 2012
Brisbane Australia
I am hoping desperately that they add the ability to snooze a reminder. If I set my default reminder for fifteen minutes before an event, I want to be able to snooze it and have it go off again in five minutes.

Every other smartphone OS has this, and it's one thing I constantly find that I miss on an iPhone.

I'm pretty sure you can do that now. they just call it a "second reminder".


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May 16, 2012
Can't Imagine that an iPad will ever have the requisite computing power to match a desktop Mac for computationally intensive work like simulation, but FWIW iOS makes an excellent front end for data acquisition devices. In my field there are many devices that take physical measurements (e.g., sound pressure level), and to get a decent GUI one typically has to buy a proprietary device that charges hundreds of £ just for a crappy minimalist LCD front panel. One could use iOS as the front end and make things so much easier and efficient.

I was looking to buy a sound meter for my lab, which costs thousands if you want a device that displays a sonogram, but then I found an audio measurement app (AudioTools) that can be paired with a calibrated mic via tilhe 30-pin connector. The combine dpackage, even when the front end is a cheap iPod, is amzingly versatile and about 1/4th the cost of a dedicated piece of hardware. And the software upgrades easily via iTunes....

Thanks everyone to read my long article.

Wow I think that app and 30-pin dock connector accessory is incredible for your labs, right? Even you can customize the app specially for your experiment if needs.

iOS is a great terminal in almost every area, but when ECUpirate44 saying that Finder would leave the OS X, I also disagree.

One thing is right: these two great systems are merging, But how will that occurs? Well, mountain lion had already tell us: The iOS would be more strong and more powerful, when the Macintosh has a great "easy to use" experience, that is what Apple called "Back to Mac", it's "take the experience of iOS back to the Macintosh" actually.

But Finder would never leave the OS X, why?

There is still need for that Finder for OS X, we have to know that where our files are, maybe that could be more easily, but it's completely wrong that we don't need it anymore, maybe the difficult files path would gone, we may have a more friendly interface to view our files, but now there isn't. Maybe the finder for OS X would change into some easy way as the iOS finder as I mentioned in the article, it would never gone.

iOS may be powerful as the currently Macintosh, but when iOS have that powerful performance, the Macintosh may have a 100x faster processor than the currently ivy bridge, that means OS X is unreplaceable. OS X would be more and more powerful, but also it can be more easy to use.

Merging is absolutely right, but that's would be a whole user experience merging, not only add or delete any function. Especially the Finder, it is the soul of the OS X, maybe one day for iOS, and that's why I said whatever it takes, it would appear in the iOS finally.

But when there is a Finder for iOS, it would means that the iOS has not only be a terminal to consume contents, but also a platform to produce contents, maybe they are not as powerful as the X86 architecture, maybe they are not strong enough to do some high-performance calculating, but they would be ENOUGH for most people to cut the iMovies, to process the photos, which could done via a more easily way better than the current PCs. That is the "enough" performance means.


Aug 11, 2008
The only feature Apple absolutely needs to introduce in IOS 6 is some version of AdBlock Plus.

I couldn't care less about anything else.

(not only would it vastly improve user experience but it would also give the middle finger to Google)


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May 16, 2012
If it's such a big deal to have finder on your device

Can we please move on now?

Again, The Finder I mentioned, is not only a file explorer, it does much more than iFile does. I am using iFile now, but actually it is very difficult to use, because it is just an explorer, there is not any API for other developers.

The finder I mean is a new file system, it includes file sharing, file directory, file management. Not only an iFile.

We can open one same file in many apps, with only one copy, we can doing airdrop between iOSes and Macs, actually, we don't need anything like iFile. Why we need a file directory? No, that is something like windows, iOS needn't. But iOS needs to managing files, which is a weakness of current iOS.

Now imaging when you take a photo or captured a video outside, how will you share this to your friend? Send an email? Do you have to upload it to some website and then call your friend to watch it? We have easier way to do it.

With airdrop, we can easily share those photos and videos via wifi, maybe NFC in future...

I am hoping those great feature could appear in iOS 6, it will change the iOS user experience much better.(and again, not just an iFile.)


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May 16, 2012
The only feature Apple absolutely needs to introduce in IOS 6 is some version of AdBlock Plus.

I couldn't care less about anything else.

(not only would it vastly improve user experience but it would also give the middle finger to Google)

Well ABP is great, but the problem is how to release those feature. By Apple? Or by the developer themselves?

There are too much great thoughts in the jailbreaking community. And there are also many great feature on other platforms, such as Adblock, SwipeSelection, What will Apple do if Apple want these great things appear in iOS? To hire someone to Apple to develop one or just make a platform to those awesome features?

Actually, there is an extremely easy way to do that is just add a new category in App Store, we may call it "extensions", any developer could submit there codes to Apple, and Apple could control the quality, just as what they did for third-party apps. Maybe there is extensions for MobileSafari, maybe there is new keyboard and input methods, any new thoughts could appear on this category.

So after that, we can expect much more features from the whole world, and obviously that is much more than 10 per year.
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