General Letter to the Community (part 2) - from evad3rs

Discussion in 'Jailbreaks and iOS Hacks' started by creativedogmedia, Dec 24, 2013.

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    Sounds genuine and at this point I can't really say that holding a grudge against evaders is of any benefit to anyone.
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    There shouldn't have been any talks in the first place. It was disgusting. I bet that company cleaned up for examination, and then just added the pirated apps back when the deal was a go.

    There is no logical explanation how pirated apps could appear overnight, except in an unmonitored environment.
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    Very nice to read. If only they put this in the read me or posted when the jb went live. Some people really got bent out of shape over nothing.
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    If you want to hold a grudge against the evaders - either don't jailbreak or spend the next lifetime making your own jailbreak. But don't bash them for theirs if you are going to use it. That's not right.
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    Letter to the Community (part 2) - from evad3rs

    I, for one, appreciate their hard work and candor. They even refused the money everyone has been in an uproar about.

    If developers leave now I would not blame the evad3rs as they have gone further than many would to make the community more comfortable.

    I am sure that many will still burn them at the stake but I appreciate their hard work and willingness to make themselves more transparent when they owed me nothing.

    Edit. I am surprised there are no thoughts on this. I wonder if it was buried overnight.

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