Letting MM lapse...account name lost forever?

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    So instead of buying a new iPhone 4 when it was time to replace my iPhone 3G, I decided to give Android a try and went with the EVO 4G. As such, I don't really find that I need MobileMe anymore. While I like the syncing of bookmarks, contacts, calendars, etc., and while I host my website on MM, I have suddenly found that the ease of use between MM, my two Macs and my iPhone was really the only thing keeping me attached to the service.

    So my question is, if I let my MM service lapse when it expires in a couple of months, will my account name (not the info contained within) be gone forever? For instance, if I decide to go back to the iPhone in two years, will I be able to renew my old MM account and have the same email address/account name I had before, or will that account be gone forever?
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    You can log in with the same username + password and renew your account.

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