LG Display Plans $13 Billion OLED Investment Over Next Three Years

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    Earlier in July, a report by The Korea Herald suggested that Apple and supplier LG Display were working on a deal that would see Apple investing $1.75-2.62 billion into LG Display's OLED manufacturing, specifically a plant that would be exclusively devoted to Apple orders. Today, Reuters has provided a few more details on LG Display's plans to enter the OLED display market for smartphones, which rival Samsung Display currently dominates.

    In total, LG Display plans to invest $13.5 billion into boosting its output of OLED screens over the next three years, covering TV screens and specifically hoping to "make inroads against rival Samsung in smartphone displays." LG Display is already the OLED leader in large-screen television displays, but now the supplier is said to be seeking a strong foothold in the OLED screen market for smartphones, coming in the wake of OLED-backed iPhone 8 rumors and Apple's reported plans to go OLED-only on iPhones beginning in 2019, and perhaps even 2018.


    LG Display will invest around $4.5 billion for a new production line that will create flexible OLED panels to help bolster its position in the auto display and smartphone market, and another $2.5 billion will be saved for another line of "large-size OLED screens." In regards to lines dedicated to small and mid-sized OLED displays, it's said that Apple will help out with getting the lines up and running, continuing the investment rumors began earlier this month.
    Apple's current OLED deal with Samsung will see the manufacturer supply 92 million OLED panels over the next two years. In The Korea Herald's report from early July, it was rumored that LG Display's OLED output for Apple would gear up in 2019, aligning with the end of Apple's contract with Samsung. A rumor this week has also pointed towards Apple's plans to develop its own OLED technology to reduce its reliance on suppliers like Samsung Display.

    Apple's launch of the first-ever OLED iPhone is widely expected to be coming later this fall, in the majorly redesigned "iPhone 8," while more iterative updates in the "iPhone 7s" and "iPhone 7s Plus" will receive traditional LCD screens.

    Article Link: LG Display Plans $13 Billion OLED Investment Over Next Three Years
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    Lest you forget the rumor that Apple's also interested in OLED panels for its MacBooks.
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    Life must be Good over there. The world needs lower energy large screens.
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    In the core of a black hole.
    Wish LG would already provide OLED panels for the upcoming iPhone 8, LG OLED tech is superior to Samsung OLED.
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    The display benchmarks always show the iPhone to have the best mobile display, both in terms of color accuracy, balance and range. Even though it is somewhat lacking in the contrast of an OLED, the overall score seems to always be higher than OLED displays. So can someone please explain to me why they're switching to OLED and not going for something like mLED which, from what I've read, has the best of both worlds? Have they perfected some sort of OLED manufacturing technique, by working with their display partners, which overcomes this issue?
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    OLED for MacBooks seems unlikely. I think the next technological leap will be micro-LEd the for MacBooks and or for the iPad in the future, I don't OLED being a primary for the MacBook displays at this point. Micro led is efficient with less power draw and is brighter, and has a higher resolution screen with a wider color gamut.
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    Have a couple of Oled tvs from LG, great stuff.
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